Sunday, August 11, 2019

Many Distractions

One of many distractions

Late this afternoon, I finally returned home from the writers’ reunion I left for on Friday morning. I took more than a few side trips to get there. What should have been a little over a two-hour drive, took me five and a half, not to mention that I was an hour late leaving. I didn’t make quite as many stops coming home today, mostly the four-hour visit at my daughter’s house, but that was more important than anything else anyway.

Starting in 2010, I attended the Green Lake Writers’ Conference almost every year, until it came to an end a few years ago due to cost and decreased numbers of attendees. Earlier this year two of the women who had been quite involved in it decided to have a reunion of sorts. A day for anyone who was interested to return to Green Lake and renew those friendships as well as share writing tips and offer support.

I had a good time and hope that we do it again.

My weekly goals maybe suffered because of the time away, but it’s hard to measure some of the other more important stuff.

If you remember, green highlight is goal met, yellow highlight is goal worked on and red lettering is failure.

   1)    Write 1,000 words a week on my Work In Progress. I don’t know that this is even worth noting, but I only wrote an actual 33 words this week. I did a little bit of revising, though, after adding three complete chapters in the last few weeks and having to deal with the later chapter I had already written. So, I’m not going to beat myself up.
   2)    Post three times to my other blog, The Dino Chronicles. Posted three times
   3)    Continue tweaking my book proposal for “The Truth Beyond the River”. I still haven’t looked at it.  
   4)    Homelife. I’ve washed nine of the fourteen windows in our house so far. Might be a few weeks before I get back to them.
   5)    Bonus. The writers’ reunion I mentioned above gave me a lot of time to rethink my whole writing thing. Still not quite sure where I’m going to go with it, but the number one thing is to stop stressing about it and stop beating myself up about past mistakes and current inactivity. Maybe I’ll write something down in the next few weeks – like, my game plan or business plan. Or, I know – GOALS! Long-term ones. Just bouncing around ideas in my head.

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