Sunday, December 30, 2012

What did I accomplish in 2012?

As you all know, I published my memoir in 2012. I suppose that is the biggest news, not only for the year but for my entire life.

But what else did this year bring? I haven't talked about my family at all on this blog, so let me quickly introduce you to my kids.

Nick will turn 27 in a few weeks. Last March he finally got his dream job - working as an electrical engineer in southern Wisconsin, surrounded by his friends and within driving distance of his family. In November, he even got health insurance through his employer. That's a huge accomplishment.

My daughter Val, 22, just moved for the third time in 2012. She started yet another new job back in February I think. She is also making plans to return to Africa. She is a work in progress and I don't know that her goals will ever be met because she keeps moving them out there. Maybe life isn't about achieving our goals but continuing to chase them.

I have always asked my husband what his dreams are, what he wanted to do with his life. Being the sap that he is, he told me recently that he has achieved his one goal - to be married to a wonderful woman. Gag me. Yes, he is my soul mate, but really?

Anyway, this week I will be formulating my goals for 2013 and will be sharing them soon. I wish for you all great success and happiness in the New Year.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

The crash and burn of a sugar high

Ok, it has been a busy week and yet I don't feel like I accomplished a thing. Here is my list of goals and how sadly I achieved them this week:

1) write nine hours a week - umm, if you count the Christmas program, I come up with about three hours at the keyboard, none of which was particularly creative - 3 points
2) post three times to the Dino Chronicles - yup, got that one done even if Thursday's post came out on Friday and was ubber short - 3 points
3) add to social networks twice - I usually go way over on this, putzing on Facebook and LinkedIn way too much. This week I didn't have time to do much more than a few hours - 2 points
4) do research on the other books I am trying to write - nope
5) research markets and agents to approach with my other work - nope, again
6) comment on at least three other blogs - I don't remember, but I am pretty sure that I did this - 1 point
7) market my book - um, I don't know. I can see how women get post-partum depression. I have been so hyped up about the book for so long, and then I get a letter from my publisher saying something like, well, now that stage one is done and your book is published, it is time to move into stage two and start selling it. Yes, I know I have to do that, but I really just want to hibernate. With three cases of books staring at me - well, yes, I am very excited, but I also feel like I have eaten too much candy and my blood sugar is going to crash.

Ok, so anyway, how many points is that? Ten, I guess, but they weren't real pretty points. Next week is another week, and a new year!
Have a Merry Christmas in the meantime, and spend some time just hanging with the family and enjoying the Christmas lights and music.
 The books have arrived. 
 Dino the Wonder Dog is mildly interested. 
The dog has totally lost interest when he realizes there is no food in these boxes.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Can I count everything I write?

I feel that I have been shorting myself here the last two weeks. I've come to the realization that my numbers are not nearly as bad as I have reported. I have not maybe been working on my novel and I am basking in the glow of my finished (being printed as I type) book, but the creative juices are churning. Just before Thanksgiving, I got roped into helping with our church's children's program. OK, it didn't take much rope. Someone said, "if I can find someone to help with the Christmas program..." And before she finished her sentence, I chimed in "of course, I'll work on it with you."

In my little dream world, I would love to write the Christmas program myself. Not to bask in more glory, but just because I think it would be fun. Instead, however, we found a ready made program which we tweaked to better fit our very small group of kids. I've put a few hours into it, but I'm sure not complaining. One of my fondest Christmas memories has always been the Sunday School program.

One year, when I was six or seven, as we were leaving the house, I slipped on the ice and fell. I don't remember any physical pain, just the jarring pain of ripping a hole in my new white tights. Yeah, I don't care what decade you live in, little kids should get all dressed up the night of their Christmas program at church.

So where are my goals for the week?

* 3 points - I posted to my other blog three times.
* 1 point - I commented on at least three other blogs.
* 2 points - I added to my social networks at least two times.
* 1 point - I don't have any idea how much time I spent marketing my book. It has mostly been Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn posts. The other day I set up a date for a book signing here in town. That's a new one for me; it should be fun and hopefully I sell some books.
* 3 points - I typed something. OK, as I explained above it was all working on the Christmas program, but I only counted the approximately three hours I spent at the keyboard.

That gives me a total of ten points out of 18. Very good for this time of year, don't you think? Hey, and I got my Christmas cards done and didn't count that.

Oh, and my book is out on Kindle, available for $4.86 right now, but will be offered for free from December 25 through 29.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

What am I holding in my hands?


Let's see. It looks like another week of slacking for me. I achieved eight out of eighteen goals. I posted three times on my other blog, worked on my novel for one hour, added to my social networks twice, submitted comments to at least three other blogs and once again spent countless hours marketing my book - or at least thinking about marketing it. And how is that book coming along?

My Book

Yes, here it is in my hot little hands. This is my proof copy and it needed a few corrections - of course. My poor publisher must be so sick and tired of me. I am constantly apologizing for being so picky, and he always patiently answers that there is nothing wrong with striving for perfection. Life Sentence Publishing has been wonderful to work with and I truly cannot say enough good about them.

The publisher has made the latest changes and is once again printing up another book for my approval. I believe that this time we got it right - God seems to be telling me that at least. So, very very soon, the book will be released. That makes it sound like I have been holding it hostage in my basement. I guess I have. Wish my baby luck!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Where was my book one year ago?

Wow, this is where I was a year ago

I had just finished the story of my trip to Africa. Wow, that's all I can say. I had an idea of where I was with it a year ago, but didn't realize this until I was looking through my other blog to see what I wrote about during the Christmas season last year. I am so sorry to go on about this but sometimes these things, which some would call coincidence but I am convinced is God at work, these things still blow my mind.

So, let me try to focus and tell you what I accomplished this week. Ok, I  can't focus because THE BOOK IS FINISHED!!!!! Yes, it's true. Everything is done, everything is edited to death, everything has been ok'ed and given the stamp of approval.

Ok, well maybe not EVERYTHING. As we speak the publisher is getting the final proof - but an actual book this time - printed up. It will be mailed to me next week. I have to analyze the entire package one last time, give it one last stamp of approval and then those books will be rolling off the press.

YIKES!!! Do you really want to know anymore than that? Coz I don't care what ROW80 goals I met this week (nine out of eighteen) or where I finished with NaNoWriMo (11,0557 words, way short of 50,000).
Yup, I could still have that nervous breakdown.