Saturday, December 15, 2012

Can I count everything I write?

I feel that I have been shorting myself here the last two weeks. I've come to the realization that my numbers are not nearly as bad as I have reported. I have not maybe been working on my novel and I am basking in the glow of my finished (being printed as I type) book, but the creative juices are churning. Just before Thanksgiving, I got roped into helping with our church's children's program. OK, it didn't take much rope. Someone said, "if I can find someone to help with the Christmas program..." And before she finished her sentence, I chimed in "of course, I'll work on it with you."

In my little dream world, I would love to write the Christmas program myself. Not to bask in more glory, but just because I think it would be fun. Instead, however, we found a ready made program which we tweaked to better fit our very small group of kids. I've put a few hours into it, but I'm sure not complaining. One of my fondest Christmas memories has always been the Sunday School program.

One year, when I was six or seven, as we were leaving the house, I slipped on the ice and fell. I don't remember any physical pain, just the jarring pain of ripping a hole in my new white tights. Yeah, I don't care what decade you live in, little kids should get all dressed up the night of their Christmas program at church.

So where are my goals for the week?

* 3 points - I posted to my other blog three times.
* 1 point - I commented on at least three other blogs.
* 2 points - I added to my social networks at least two times.
* 1 point - I don't have any idea how much time I spent marketing my book. It has mostly been Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn posts. The other day I set up a date for a book signing here in town. That's a new one for me; it should be fun and hopefully I sell some books.
* 3 points - I typed something. OK, as I explained above it was all working on the Christmas program, but I only counted the approximately three hours I spent at the keyboard.

That gives me a total of ten points out of 18. Very good for this time of year, don't you think? Hey, and I got my Christmas cards done and didn't count that.

Oh, and my book is out on Kindle, available for $4.86 right now, but will be offered for free from December 25 through 29.


  1. Count everything -- even those Christmas cards! And points!! How neat. Guess I don't understand why 18 points are possible, but the number side of me loves this idea. Congrats on your book and for arranging a book signing. Market, market, market!

  2. So I give myself points for everything I work on (blog three times a week, write nine hours a week, research twice a week, comment on other blogs for one point, add to social networks twice a week, market). I give myself four bonus points for submitting something somewhere. I know, it sounds a little OCD, but it keeps me on task. I wrote more about it here: