Sunday, December 23, 2012

The crash and burn of a sugar high

Ok, it has been a busy week and yet I don't feel like I accomplished a thing. Here is my list of goals and how sadly I achieved them this week:

1) write nine hours a week - umm, if you count the Christmas program, I come up with about three hours at the keyboard, none of which was particularly creative - 3 points
2) post three times to the Dino Chronicles - yup, got that one done even if Thursday's post came out on Friday and was ubber short - 3 points
3) add to social networks twice - I usually go way over on this, putzing on Facebook and LinkedIn way too much. This week I didn't have time to do much more than a few hours - 2 points
4) do research on the other books I am trying to write - nope
5) research markets and agents to approach with my other work - nope, again
6) comment on at least three other blogs - I don't remember, but I am pretty sure that I did this - 1 point
7) market my book - um, I don't know. I can see how women get post-partum depression. I have been so hyped up about the book for so long, and then I get a letter from my publisher saying something like, well, now that stage one is done and your book is published, it is time to move into stage two and start selling it. Yes, I know I have to do that, but I really just want to hibernate. With three cases of books staring at me - well, yes, I am very excited, but I also feel like I have eaten too much candy and my blood sugar is going to crash.

Ok, so anyway, how many points is that? Ten, I guess, but they weren't real pretty points. Next week is another week, and a new year!
Have a Merry Christmas in the meantime, and spend some time just hanging with the family and enjoying the Christmas lights and music.
 The books have arrived. 
 Dino the Wonder Dog is mildly interested. 
The dog has totally lost interest when he realizes there is no food in these boxes.

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