Wednesday, August 29, 2012

How Could I Forget?

I was just about to head upstairs and get ready for bed, when I remembered that it is Wednesday. How could I forget to post to ROW80?

I came home from my writers conference naturally all fired up. I have tried to keep that going, but man, it's Wednesday already and I have no clue where the week is going.

Oh, that's right there's the garden thing. Froze six bags of beans and a bunch of tomatoes last night. Made some tomato sauce the night before. Anybody living in northern Wisconsin want to stop over and pick up some squash? I have no clue what I am going to do with them. And they are simply huge! I told someone the other day they are the size of two microwaves lined up. This person thought that was a rather comical picture. But it's the truth!

So, what have I done in the world of writing? Five out of 17 goals so far this week. I wrote for two hours - but that doesn't seem possible. I know I have been at the computer longer than that this week, and I have totally been going cold turkey on the social network drain, even though I did invite some people to join me on LinkedIn. I also am up to date on posts for my other blog.

It's late and I seem to be rambling, so will head to the kitchen now (it's 9:30) and decide whether or not to do more battling with the garden produce.

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