Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Is that momentum still going?

My week got off to a slow start because the hubby insisted we buy me a new vehicle before the old one blew up. I hate it when the car blows up, so I had to agree with the hubby that it was time to go shopping. Needless to say, much of Sunday and Monday were spent in a car buying frenzy.

I still managed to do ok on my goals, scoring a five out of 16. I posted twice to my other blog, did an hour of research on my novel, added to one of my social networks and worked on my novel for one hour. The chapter I wrote last night is one of those scenes pivotal to the entire story, so that was pretty exciting to write.

For the rest of the week, no more taking useless rides in the Dodge and more time with my fingers on the keyboard.


  1. Congrats on meeting your goals - and that is a lovely new car! I don't blame you one bit for taking 'useless' rides in it instead of writing!

    1. Thanks, Christina, for the support. I am keeping to the computer and away from the car as much as I can.