Sunday, May 26, 2013

Could I possibly still have jet lag?

Surprise! Here I finally am. I have been home from Africa for a week and just today I started feeling like writing. What a slacker I am.

Here are the goals I still had hanging out there when I last posted.

By April 30           - Have worked up to running a full mile to see if I can do it.
May 5 – 19          - Gone to Africa.
By May 26           - Have gotten the garden ready to plant.
By May 31           - Have run 3 miles to know if I will ever be able to run a 5K.
By June 1             - Have planted the garden.
June 8                   - Attend the concert in Minnesota with my friend Phyllis.
By June 10           - Have made plans for our vacation in September (Wow, that sounds like a long ways away).
July 4                     - If I haven’t run a 5K yet anywhere else, I will run in the one here in town on the Fourth of July.

Hmm? Can’t say that any of these things are taking shape. For starters I am not even close to walking three miles, much less running them. And though my garden is tilled, I haven’t done much except walk past it on occasion. I did however tonight come up with some vacation options to present to my husband.

I don’t see much writing on this list though. I think that I need to get after those goals by mid-week. I’m off tomorrow, so maybe I just plain need to sit down and do that, once I get the house work done.

And please remember to check my other blog for stories of my trip to Kenya. Those posts are as slow in coming as this post has been. 
The plane which took off out of Amsterdam just before ours. 


  1. Don't feel bad about the slow posts, Chris. Jet-lag and life both take their toll on you energy (I can totally relate to the gardens being tilled but not touched otherwise... though since we're having a freeze tonight, I guess I chose right to do it slow).

    Just glad you're back and back safely. Start slow again, at least with the blogs, work on your other goals, and allow yourself the chance to wow yourself.

    1. Thanks, Eden Mabee, that's why I haven't asked myself to do anything this past week. I think that jet-lag and culture-shock are past being an excuse now. I truly think I have reverted to lazy.