Sunday, April 28, 2013

My Final Communication

Was it in the movie Apollo 13, when they circled the dark side of the moon, and they signed off just before they lost communications, and Earth wouldn’t hear from them until they had come back out from behind the moon. Does anyone else remember that? Or was it from a different movie? Anyway, I am not going to look it up on-line! You are just going to have to bear with me. Because this may be my last communication until I get back in the States. I know I will have internet in Kenya, but I don’t know how much I will actually get on-line. Enough to e-mail the family waiting anxiously back home to hear from me, while I leave all of my fans hanging. I know, I’ve broken your hearts. So sorry.

But get over it. Here is my list of goals for this time around and what I have accomplished.

Throughout April – Continue asking for donated supplies to take to Kenya.
                                DONE, the suitcase is full!
By April 1             – Finish Chapter 30 on my novel.
By April 2             - Contact my local radio station about doing a spot for my book and the Women on the Wings of Faith talk I am giving the end of the month.
By April 5             – Get typhoid meds, malaria meds, and antibiotics for the trip.
                                DONE, finished my typhoid meds yesterday, the rest are ready to go.
By April 5             – Call airlines to give them our passport information.
April 6                   - Attend Book Festival in St. Peter, Minnesota.
By April 10           - Purchase Travel Insurance.
By April 11           – Email two people questions asking about adoption for my book.
                                Not done, and not happening L
By April 12           – Revise WSMA gmail accounts.
By April 13           - Finish Doni’s Form Builder questions for WSMA.
                                DONE, for now.
By April 14           – Have final power point for my talk on my book at WOWOF on April 24.
By April 14           - Have cleaned out the spare bedroom so Val can move her stuff home.
By April 15           - Finish Chapter 31 on my novel.
                                Not done and no guarantees.
April 18 – 20        - Attend the WSMA convention in Neenah.
April 22, 9:30 am – Live on the air interview on my local radio station, to promote my trip, my book and my speaking engagement on the 24th.
DONE. It went off without a hitch, or that’s the feeling I got. Unlike the TV interview, I wasn’t able to tape this which is perhaps just as well.
April 24, 6:30 pm - WOWOF presentation.
DONE. Again, it seemed to go well. Afterwards, somebody handed me a CD of the presentation, but it was just audio and no video. That’s still ok.
By April 30           - Have worked up to running a full mile to see if I can do it.
If the pain in my ankle doesn’t let up this whole dream may be over. When I get back from Africa I really need to see a doctor about this.
By May 1              - Have moved my daughter Val’s stuff home.
Doesn’t need to be done. Val is taking all her stuff to her boyfriend’s, so none of this is my problem. YEAH!
May 3                    - Take my Kinship kid to the Colton Dixon concert in Milwaukee.
Not done because it is not May 3 yet, but I did print out our tickets and made our hotel reservations for Friday night.  
May 5 – 19          - Gone to Africa.
By May 26           - Have gotten the garden ready to plant.
By May 31           - Have run 3 miles to know if I will ever be able to run a 5K.
By June 1             - Have planted the garden.
June 8                   - Attend the concert in Minnesota with my friend Phyllis.
By June 10           - Have made plans for our vacation in September (Wow, that sounds like a long ways away).
July 4                     - If I haven’t run a 5K yet anywhere else, I will run in the one here in town on the Fourth of July.

And that is all, my friends, until we meet on-line again….

At my presentation Wednesday night (because I can't close without one last picture). 


  1. Have a fabulous time!

  2. How exciting! I hope you have a wonderful experience in Kenya. Experiences are our raw material, after all. :)

  3. Thanks to everyone for their support and well-wishes! I cannot wait to be there!

  4. No fears about people being upset with you "taking time off" (especially when we all know you're going to be doing twice as much or more than not), Chris. Just stay safe and enjoy yourself when you can.