Sunday, April 21, 2013

Running out of time.

Things are winding down - or are they winding up? I don't know, but I am running out of time. 

Throughout April – Continue asking for donated supplies to take to Kenya.
Continuing – Thursday morning one of the pharmacist’s from our local pharmacy called and said that they had put together a box of supplies for us to take to Kenya. I told him I could come pick it up some time, but he said he would drop it off on his lunch hour. When the box arrived, I started crying. Here is all what was included. Awesome.

By April 1             – Finish Chapter 30 on my novel.
Done April 5
By April 2             - Contact my local radio station about doing a spot for my book and the Women on the Wings of Faith talk I am giving the end of the month.
Set up for 9:35 tomorrow morning. I suppose I should think about what I will say.
By April 5             – Get typhoid meds, malaria meds, and antibiotics for the trip.
I just started my typhoid pills this morning. There used to be a shot for typhoid, but it has gotten crazy expensive. So instead of one quick poke with a needle, I have to take a pill every other day until Saturday. The pills have to be refrigerated and I have to take them on an empty stomach and with a liquid that is not hot. Really? What a pain. A shot is less painful, I think.
By April 5             – Call airlines to give them our passport information.
Done April 3
April 6                   - Attend Book Festival in St. Peter, Minnesota.
Done April 6
By April 10           - Purchase Travel Insurance.
Still researching this. I absolutely positively have to do this today.  
By April 11           – Email two people questions asking about adoption for my book.
I think this might have to wait until I come back. My friend who gave her baby up for adoption is moving back home, so I might wait until I can get together with her and take it from there.
By April 12           – Revise WSMA gmail accounts.
I finished these on April 14 and handed out the 31 passwords to the people who need them at my state convention yesterday.
By April 13           - Finish Doni’s Form Builder questions for WSMA.
I think I will take this off my list, since it has become apparent that this will be ongoing. Maybe the goal should be to do ten of them a month or something.
By April 14           – Have final power point for my talk on my book at WOWOF on April 24.
                                I have to do this today too!        
By April 14           - Have cleaned out the spare bedroom so Val can move her stuff home.
Done April 12.
By April 15           - Finish Chapter 31 on my novel.
April 18 – 20        - Attend the WSMA convention in Neenah.
This is in the record books and you can read all about it on the WSMA Facebook page, which is another duty I have – keeping that up to date. I was also the installation officer (i.e. emcee) for the banquet on Saturday. Not a big deal, but I’m glad it is over with.

April 22, 9:30 am – Live on the air interview on my local radio station, to promote my trip, my book and my speaking engagement on the 24th.
April 24, 6:30 pm - WOWOF presentation.
By April 30           - Have worked up to running a full mile to see if I can do it.
If only it would stop snowing. I got my mom’s treadmill last week, but running on that is worse than watching paint dry.
By May 1              - Have moved Val’s stuff home, except that now she might leave most of her stuff at her boyfriend's apartment so that would help me out.
May 3                    - Take my Kinship kid to the Colton Dixon concert in Milwaukee.
                                I have the tickets, but I suppose I should make hotel reservations.   
May 5 – 19          - Gone to Africa.
By May 26           - Have gotten the garden ready to plant.
By May 31           - Have run 3 miles to know if I will ever be able to run a 5K.
By June 1             - Have planted the garden.
June 8                   - Attend the concert in Minnesota with my friend Phyllis.
By June 10           - Have made plans for our vacation in September (Wow, that sounds like a long ways away).
July 4                     - If I haven’t run a 5K yet anywhere else, I will run in the one here in town on the Fourth of July.


  1. What wonderful progress before you leave for Kenya. All that specific planning and I'm thinking sheer stubbornness keeps you right on track. I wish you safe journeys. Are you taking a journal with you to capture your impressions? I hope so. You might even end up writing about your current WIP. I also salute you for contacting that radio station to talk about your book. How did you prepare for that? Wishing you a good week.

    1. I plan on taking a journal; I probably should throw a notebook in my suitcase already so that I don't forget. The other thing that helps is taking lots of pictures. If I don't have time to write something down, I can at least take a picture to reference back to.

      Last week I sent the radio station my media kit, which includes lots of information from my trip and the book, along with sample questions. I suppose before 9:30 this morning I should read over those questions, huh?

  2. Just... awesome.
    P.S. I agree about the treadmill.

    1. :) I still can't get used to the treadmill.

  3. Doing well there - what a lot to do before you leave - please don't forget the notebook and pen - all the best:)

    1. The notebook was the first thing to go in the suitcase. I probably need more than one pen though.

  4. Chris,

    I have this feeling that once you've cleared some of these pre-existing urgent matters from your plate, those reds will be sending up vibrant green shoots (like the ones in your garden!).

    It seems as though you are accomplishing miracles,already! =)

    May yoru journeying be safe and deeply fulfilling!

    1. I think I have reached the summit, I think that I really will get done everything I need to get done and be able to rest a little very soon.