Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Not much getting done

I can't believe it is Wednesday already. I leave for Africa in 15 days. Yikes! Will I really get as much done as I need to?

Throughout April – Continue asking for donated supplies to take to Kenya.
Continuing – I put a sign up at work with a list of the specific things I need, as well as emailed a group of my church friends. I always feel funny asking for stuff, so I kind of have been waiting until people ask me if they can donate anything. But it is getting to be crunch-time, so I better get more aggressive.
By April 1             – Finish Chapter 30 on my novel.
Done April 5
By April 2             - Contact my local radio station about doing a spot for my book and the Women on the Wings of Faith talk I am giving the end of the month.
I emailed them on April 3, but when I hadn’t heard back from them this week, I called the radio station and set up the interview for April 22. Great. More stress.
By April 5             – Get typhoid meds, malaria meds, and antibiotics for the trip.
I got mine taken care of on April 3. I continued shopping around for prices for my daughter as she doesn’t have insurance. On April 9, I finally called them into Walgreens as that was where I got the best price. She called me on April 12 to say that when she picked up her pills at Walgreens (at the corner of Happy and Healthy), they asked if she wanted to sign up for their discount program for $20. She said sure and ended up saving like nearly $300. Yes, it’s the corner of Happy and Healthy.
By April 5             – Call airlines to give them our passport information.
Done April 3
April 6                   - Attend Book Festival in St. Peter, Minnesota.
Done April 6
By April 10           - Purchase Travel Insurance.
Still researching this. I tried get this done last weekend. Yea, but I failed at that. I will try again this weekend.  
By April 11           – Email two people questions asking about adoption for my book.
I think this might have to wait until I come back. My friend who gave her baby up for adoption is moving back home, so I might wait until I can get together with her and take it from there.
By April 12           – Revise WSMA gmail accounts.
I finished these on April 14. Now I just have to print out all 31 passwords to hand out this weekend. And the chairman of that committee just emailed me a bunch of questions. Uck.
By April 13           - Finish Doni’s Form Builder questions for WSMA.
I’ve been doing a few of these each night, but since this appears to be an ongoing thing, kick back this date to infinity.
By April 14           – Have final power point for my talk on my book at WOWOF on April 24.
By April 14           - Have cleaned out the spare bedroom so Val can move her stuff home.
Done April 12.
By April 15           - Finish Chapter 31 on my novel.
April 18 – 20        - Attend the WSMA convention in Neenah.
April 22, 9:30 am – Live on the air interview on my local radio station, to promote my trip, my book and my speaking engagement on the 24th.
April 24, 6:30 pm - WOWOF presentation.
By April 30           - Have worked up to running a full mile to see if I can do it.
So far, I get that mile done by walking half of it and running half of it. My coach says that’s the way to do it. He hasn’t ever actually seen me run though.
By May 1              - Have moved Val’s stuff home, except that now she might leave most of her stuff at her boyfriend's apartment so that would help me out.
May 3                  - Take my Kinship kid to the concert in Milwaukee. I can't believe I forgot all about this. She reminds me of it all the time! I am taking her to see her biggest idol, Colton Dixon. I don't know how I get roped into these things. And it's like two days before I fly to Kenya. 
May 5 – 19          - Gone to Africa.
By May 26           - Have gotten the garden ready to plant.
By May 31           - Have run 3 miles to know if I will ever be able to run a 5K.
By June 1             - Have planted the garden.
June 8                   - Run that 5K, if I am going to.
 I don’t have to worry about this anymore as my friend in Minnesota has got tickets to a Christian concert this weekend, but I think I will keep running. Word has gotten out at work, so one of the docs wants to put together a team to run the 5K here in town over the Fourth of July. Apparently I cannot avoid this.
June 8                   - Go to that Christian concert with my friend in Minnesota.
By June 10           - Have made plans for our vacation in September (Wow, that sounds like a long ways away).

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