Wednesday, December 4, 2013

American Gothic - maybe not

Wednesday seems to come around awful fast. Considering that so far this week I have clocked in twenty-eight hours at work and four and a half hours at church I don’t know how I could’ve gotten anything else done. And I haven’t. Plain and simple.  I can’t think of a single one of my goals that I have worked on, except maybe the Christmas program which did eat up some of those hours at church.

And looking forward to Sunday’s post, I don’t think the facts are going to change much. I usually have Fridays off from the day job (the paying job!), but I have to work all day this Friday. Both the hubby and I have off on Saturday so we are toying with the idea of doing some Christmas shopping. That’s a crazy idea; Christmas is three weeks away! Heavens, why rush into things. I did get one Christmas present in the mail today, so I guess that is something I achieved. And while the hubby was at the post office, he bought postage stamps. I think he was hinting that Christmas cards should be written. That silly boy.

But, oh, well, life goes on. Remind me next year that I am taking the entire month of December off, ok?
 After a long Thanksgiving day. Apparently my week is getting just as long. 

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