Sunday, February 9, 2014

Vacation is a-coming

I started planning our vacation for this spring. We are going to Missouri, and not to Branson or the Ozarks. I hated Branson the one time we were there and since we are going in early spring, I don’t know what the weather will be like in the Ozarks. So we are staying at a place halfway between Hannibal and St. Louis. It doesn’t really matter where we go, just so I get out of town!
When we were in Missouri in 2001, taken from a riverboat. We didn't spend much time in St. Louis then because it was so beastly hot. No more summer vacations, I am shooting for spring or fall. 

A. Weekly goal
1. Read five other blog posts a week.  Yes.       
2. Read ten hours a week in one of the books I am reading.  Yes.
B. Goals for the Round                           
1. Have finished reading five books. Still at two books.

A. Weekly goal
1. Work on something five times a week.     
a. Work on “The Early Life of Jesus in 40 Days”, the second book in the Bible Stories in 40 Days series. Yes, but I am picking up the pace. I wrote two half entries. I know, oh, boy.   
b. Write on my novel. No.
c. Write my blog posts. Yes, I blogged three times in The Dino Chronicles and once here.
B. Goals for the Round.  
1. Have finished the first draft of “The Early Life of Jesus in 40 Days”. No.
2. Have written half of my novel.  No.

A.      Weekly goal.
1. Promote either one of my books on one other site or in person. No, not really.
2. Comment on two other blog posts.  Yes.
3. Research markets for an hour.  No.
4. Keep up on social media, responding to all messages.  Yes.
5. Contact one organization about a speaking engagement.  Yes, I emailed the South East Wisconsin Festival of Books.  
B. Goals for the Round
1. Have submitted three pieces somewhere. I don’t know. Even though I write down everything I submit in a notebook, I think I have lost track of something. Hmm?  I should find out what I am doing.   
2. Have booked three speaking engagements or book signings. Still at one.

A. Exercise - Continue exercising four times a week, including running on the treadmill.  Yes.
B. Nonprofit - Continue working on Tumaini Volunteers, Inc., applying for tax exempt status by the end of the Round.  YES, but I don’t know what. It seems that all I do is work on the nonprofit, so once again – hold it, let me say that we had a long and productive meeting last Sunday and ever since I have been thinking about all the things we covered.
C. Sewing - Finish two projects this Round.  Not yet.

On my list of 40 things to do in ’14, besides the spring vacation mentioned above, I have starting whittling away at cleaning my basement. It is a large basement and contains a large mess. This is not one-weekend project. Trust me.

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