Wednesday, August 13, 2014

When you don't have a rubber noddle

Since it has only been a few days since Sunday’s check-in, I always hate to go through my whole list of goals on Wednesday, preferring to concentrate on just one thing. Over the last three days, however, I have been whittling away pretty aggressively at those goals, so I guess I should share everything I’ve done.

As far as reading, I am holding my own, reading a little bit of everything when I can. Or so it seems. I finally posted the review of Beth Camp’s second book, “Years of Stone”. I am enjoying reading “The Two-EdgedSword” by Caye Bartell, so it makes it easy to grab my Kindle and read on it whenever I get a minute.

In the writing category, I am half way done with chapter 30 of my novel. I also have started editing “The Early Life of Jesus”. Got through Day 5, so that would be one-eighth of the way done with that project. I woke up at five this morning and couldn't get back to sleep, so got up and wrote a flash fiction story.

I submitted a piece last night to Guideposts magazine. Sometimes I feel like magazines like that are too “big”, are too well-known and have too large a readership for me to ever break into, but then I hit myself over the head with a rubber noddle and say, “they gotta published someone, why not you?” I will let the short story I just wrote rest for a few days, and then hopefully submit that to Splickety magazine at some point.

It does make it sound like I am making headway. Maybe summer is starting to wind down and that is giving me the energy to refocus. Right? No more vacations to plan, just a weekend at the Renaissance Festival in a few weeks and a wedding in October (both trips to Minnesota by the way). Other than that, all I have to look forward to is hours and hours in my office, writing, editing, and plowing ahead.
Ok, I don't have a rubber noddle. I could hit myself over the head with a Snoopy. 


  1. I'm mostly just picturing you whapping yourself with a big foam pool noodle now...

    Great job on whittling at those goals! Seems like you've had some good progress going on, and kudos on the submitting. You never know if you don't try, right? I always get the feeling that people get my submissions and are all, "What was this girl thinking?" but, you know what, I'm going to keep doing it, because, eventually someone will think, "This is awesome."

  2. I love those times of aggressive whittling. They're energizing. I've been in a similar place the last week or two. It's good to put some things to rest, and focus myself on others, and starting more...

    We're planning a Renaissance Festival this weekend. =)