Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Out of the Blue

Here is it ten o’clock Wednesday night and I am just now starting to blog. And I have a meeting at seven in the morning. Why am I not in bed?

I can’t think of anything I have honestly done since Sunday. Oh, I think I finished the next chapter in my novel and still have two to go, at least. I am beginning to drag this out. Maybe I will end up with 40 chapters after all.

I have another address and another mentor for my church’s college kids. I also wrote to my Compassion Kid in Kenya. I have really been slacking on that. I posted another item on the Esty store of our nonprofit. I finished my critique of the memoir of the friend of the friend and am meeting with her tomorrow night. I hope it goes well; I don’t want to offend her. Totally out of the blue, I met her daughter today. After we talked a minute, she goes, “Did you write two books?” I answered, “yes”, and started into my sales pitch. That’s when she told me that I had just read her mom’s book. She was sure that her mom just wants any kind of feedback she can get and that I won’t hurt her feelings if I am critical.

I hope to get a lot done on Friday, but my day off is starting to fill up already. Figures. And I work the day job Saturday morning, and am going to spend the day Sunday working on the nonprofit with my daughter and the rest of our board. 

Not seeing much end in sight. And only a week left in the Round!
But lots of thing can happen totally out of the blue.

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