Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Short and rather useless

Wednesday still comes up way too fast. Monday I didn’t get home from the day job until 7:30 and I had one lousy day. I sucked it up, went online and actually did some marketing. I still hope to publish my second devotional this fall, so thought I should push the first one a little bit. I emailed some of my friends and bugged them about writing reviews of it for me. Several admitted that they didn’t own a copy of it yet (what kind of friends are those??), so I popped copies of the book in the mail to them on Tuesday.

Tuesday night my daughter and her fiancé came up and we took them out for Chinese. (Num!) Then she and I spent the rest of the night looking up wedding ideas on Pinterest. I know, not something I usually waste my time with, but a mom’s got to do what a mom’s got to do.

And tonight is Wednesday. It is cold out (43 degrees Fahrenheit!!) and has been raining most of the day. (We had two and three-quarters inches in the rain gauge.) This weekend is the Fall Ride motorcycle rally in my town, so I have two motorcycle trailers parked in my yard. (It’s a long story (and I don’t even know why I mentioned this.).)

I am feeling that I have overused the parentheses, so I think I will cut this post short and wish you all a good night. 

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  1. Naw! When you start using brackets and parenthesis in the same blog, then you MIGHT have a problem (like me). :-) Hang in there, the weekend is coming.