Sunday, October 12, 2014

Keep it simple? Yeah, right.

I am so into keeping it simple right now that I am amazing even myself. I’ve had a stupid cold for three weeks now and my back went out the other day. There is nothing more for me to do except be lazy! Nah, that ain’t gonna happen.

What is going to happen is that today my daughter is having a work day for her nonprofit, Tumaini, all day at her house. I need to leave my house at nine (shortly) to get to her house in time to help her make breakfast for everyone before we start working on our various projects.

I need to leave her house by three, so that I can pick up my Kinship kid on the way home and still have a little bit of time to spend with her before I have to run her back home. Because she is just as busy being a sophomore in high school as I am being a middle-aged crazy lady, I haven’t seen her in like six weeks.

But that’s it. Nothing else crazy all week, except our women’s church group on Wednesday night.

Anyway, what did I do in the last week? Well, on Tuesday, I got the list of ten things I need to do for my publisher by November 18 or so in preparation for the publishing of my third book, “The Early Life of Jesus in 40 Days”. I got four of my tasks accomplished. Yeah, me! Except that of those four things, only one was in any way time-consuming. But hey, a task is a task.

I need to work on my thoughts for a cover design this week. Bleah! The most important part of the book. So, hence, a time-consuming task.

And my small goals:

1)      I submitted a piece to the blog, Christian Flash Fiction Weekly. First time I have posted something to their blog. I may be way off, I have a lot to learn about flash fiction, but it does seem to be quite the trend, so I should work on it.
2)      Did not work on my novel. What a surprise.
3)      Did not work on my third devotional in the series.
4)      Did meet with our pastor, our lead Sunday school teacher, and the puppet master. Got them all on board for the Christmas program.

And that’s all folks.


  1. Sounds like a super busy day! Checking tasks off is great - no matter what they are. All the best for the wek ahead.

  2. Still sounds like a productive week! Hope the coming week is even more fruitful. I had 2 days of non-productivity that I am coming off from. So, I understand.

  3. Sounds like a productive week. Good luck with your ROW80 goals this week!