Sunday, October 25, 2015

Getting Back in the Saddle

I arrived home a week ago from my trip to Kenya. It was an amazing two weeks, and you will have to follow those stories on my other blog.

As you can imagine, I am having a hard time getting back in the swing of things. Plus I have a monstrous mess in my office and on my dining room table. Things from the trip and things already accumulated for the next trip. Tomorrow at work, I am having a sale of my Kenyan purchases and need to get my inventory inventoried before that. I have my expense report from the trip written up and managed to even make my outgo match up with the money I took from the ATM throughout the trip. I do need to write up a report though with what I accomplished over those two weeks and what my recommendations are – raising $4,000 to implement the chicken project at the school at the SIDP (previously the IDP camp or internally displaced persons camp, but now that they are settled in this community, they are now, just since I got to Kenya, Settled Internally Displaced Persons, kind of an oxymoron, if you ask me, but whatever).

Ok, so what of my writing goals this Round? I was going to jump into NaNoWriMo and write my second novel, but having just returned from Kenya, I can see all the changes I need to make in my first novel. Also, I had mentioned to my publisher back in August that maybe another memoir would come from this trip, and it may have, so perhaps I should write that. Or finish that final edit on my third devotional and get it published early next year.

I don’t know. I need to figure this out soon. Or not. As they say in Kenya, hakuna matata.