Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Why I Do What I Do

It is with some regret that I have decided to forego NaNoWriMo this year, again. With all that is looming on my horizon, there is no way that I can take on another project. I will just have to come up with my own novel writing month after the first of the year, when I actually have a month to myself. Coz, yea, that will happen, said this woman never.

So these are my goals for the next few weeks, as I can only take life a few weeks at a time.

  • Blog about my trip to Africa. I have started and have two posted already. I have an outline for the next seven posts, so that takes me to November 8.
  • Finish posting pictures from the trip on Facebook and other social media.
  • Write a summary of my trip and financial prospectus (is that the word I want?)
  • Work on a power point presentation of the trip.
  • I have one date for a talk – December 11. I need to try to line up some more, I suppose.
  • Decide on this year’s Christmas program for church. Yikes! If we are going to do it, I really need it together within a week or so. It is almost November! And those kids need time to practice. Man, I don’t know if I can pull that off this year.
  • And because I have all kinds of spare time:
    • Edit my third devotional
    • Edit my novel about Kenya now that it is fresh in my mind again
    • Start pulling together notes for a potential second memoir
 Ok, maybe all of that should take me until the end of the year. This is why people need a vacation after they come home from vacation. Not that the trip to Kenya was a vacation, but if I would have worked harder while I was there, I would have a few less things to do now. Oh, well.

I did this week update my website and had a sale of Kenya goods at my work, so I have been doing a little bit. That above list is just pretty big though.

Enough. Here are a few pictures of why I do what I do. And now you can see why I do it. 


  1. Everything we do takes one step at a time. Do what you can do and congratulate yourself on even the small successes. Peace to you.

  2. Awesome pictures!

    Sometimes things just don't happen on the timetable we want. I've had a bit of that lately. But things will happen in their own time. :)

    I almost bowed out of Nano this year, too, but had a project I wanted to work on. I love the energy of it. But totally understandable if it's not doable. There's always next year.

  3. Remember to take it one day at a time. It's nice to shove as much as possible into a day, but sometimes it doesn't happen. Get what you can done and remember that there is always tomorrow! Besides I just shoved a crap ton of stuff into tonight's writing/editing session and I am doing a show on top of that. I give myself good advise, but seldom follow it (although I am getting better). Same goes for you Chris. You can do it, but don't forced so much in a short time. Besides you have done great things already (don't sell yourself short). Take care and see you around!! Peace.

  4. Ah...that looming horizon! It always seems loaded, doesn't it?
    You'll be missed at NaNo, but I'll still see you at ROW80!

  5. Busy lady! My mother used to do the church Christmas programs. I remember how much work they took. I hope you have lots of helpers ;)

    Great pictures, I enjoyed seeing what you do