Sunday, November 1, 2015

Are your goals flabby?

Ah, here we are, the first day of NaNoWriMo. Hope that those of you who are participating are off to a great start. Maybe I will call this month GeItToMo (get it together month). I like that, maybe I will start a movement with that.

So here’s what I have done in the last week out of the long list of stuff I have for the month:

  • Blog about my trip to Africa. Written and posted three, which is my goal for the week. Have three more, or so to do yet. I also am still working on posting pictures to Facebook and have a few (a few hundred) left to do.  
  • Write a summary of my trip and financial prospectus. Done and emailed to the chairman of the board and the volunteer I had taken with. Later today I will probably email it to the rest of the board.
  • Work on a power point presentation of the trip. No, not yet. I have, after all 1400 pictures that I am still weeding through.  
  • Set up dates to do my presentation. I have one date for a talk – December 11, at the clinic where I work. I think I will wait until after the first of the year to do a talk at church. With Christmas coming up way too fast, I don’t think that our parishioners will take the time to attend yet this year.  
  • Have two sales of my Kenyan merchandise. Had one this week, which went over well, I think. Made nearly $400. I have the second sale November 21.
  • Decide on this year’s Christmas program for church. Speaking of Christmas. I really did not want to do this again this year, and with only five kids (yes, Five!) in Sunday School, I was hoping their teacher would be like, no, not worth it. But she thought she could get them to do at least a few songs and it is up to me to find older kids (the confirmation class and high schoolers) to fill in the gaps. So I really need to start working on that.
  • On the writing end of things, I hope to do some of these things, but have not even thought much about them this week.
    • Edit my third devotional
    • Edit my novel about Kenya now that it is fresh in my mind again
    • Start pulling together notes for a potential second memoir
 The only other thing I can think of that I have going on is taking care of my hip pain once and for all. I started seeing a chiropractor on Friday and have my first real appointment (i.e. when the action starts) tomorrow. I am going to remain confident that this will work. I already love the chiropractor because she kept saying how fit I seemed to be as she was checking me out. I wanted to tell her that the constant pain has derailed any fitness program I had been attempting, but I guess I did not get all flabby as fast as I thought I would.

Speaking of flabby….
 And more random pictures from Kenya.


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  1. Getting some things done so that's good. You got some nice pictures there