Sunday, November 22, 2015

coming up green

I think it is time to start adding some color to these goals.
  • Blog about my trip to Africa. I have blogged about it enough. I think I am going to make a Tumaini Tuesday and blog once a week, on Tuesdays (duh), about the nonprofit and anything new that’s going on or anything I left out about the trip or whatever. So, I’m gonna call this one a wrap. 
  • Write a summary of my trip to Kenya and financial prospectus. Done, printed and shared. 
  • Work on a power point presentation of the trip.  Still working on those pictures. 
  • Set up dates to do my presentation. I have three dates set up – December 11 at the clinic where I work, January 31 at my church and February 27 at an educational seminar for my profession as a certified medical assistant. I would say that is enough dates. 
  • Have two sales of my Kenyan merchandise. I had one sale at the clinic in October and the second sale yesterday. I still have a bunch of stuff left, so have signed up for another sale on December 5, because why bother to have a life when Christmas is a month away. 
  • My church’s Christmas program. I’ve got it written as much as I can at this point. I need to see what our Sunday School teacher comes up with for her class and what songs our puppet troop is going to do. I also have five older kids lined up to do readings and only need three more kids for that. Maybe we can pull it off yet. 
  • Write a newsletter for the nonprofit. I finished that early in the week and even printed a few copies to hand out at yesterday’s sale. Will print some more and start distributing them this week.   
  • Finish reading “Shantaram”. I thought I had a shot at finishing it this week, but no luck. Maybe this week, with an extra day off work for Thanksgiving.   
  • On the writing end of things, I still have not done any of the things I had hoped to, but have resigned myself to the fact that it will all have to wait until the first of the year. 
  • Sewing. Because I like to add goals after I do them, I finally sewed the piece of fabric my son brought back from Ghana in 2009 into a shirt which I wore at the sale yesterday. I sewed it in a couple hours Friday afternoon. I decided I had hemmed and hawed about it long enough. 
Nothing like a page full of greened goals to perk a person right up! What about the upcoming week? Looking at this list, I would say that the power point presentation is all I have to work on. That and Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday (coz Hubby works on Thanksgiving day, but I am going to a friend’s house for dinner Thursday and having the family over on Saturday, which not everyone has RSVP’ed to yet, so we will have between 13 and 19). 

(Though we just got our first snow last week, and it is covering my yard in a thin layer, seeing that picture above, I already miss the green grass.)


  1. Lookit all that green! =)

    Love the shirt, and the maybe unintentional pun about hemming and hawing.

    The way you feel about writing needing to wait, is where I am with revisions. Partly that's resistance - I'm a fast drafter, a moderately paced and improving plotter, but revisions...I still have so much to learn, and I feel like I'm going uphill at a pace any snail or tortoise could easily outmatch....2016 is going to be my year to move forward on that score.

    May you find fulfillment in the rest of your 2015 goals, and may the Christmas show all come together. =)

    1. Yep, I am looking to 2016 as well, ready to get my writing game on track then. Thanks for the support. And thanks for catching the hemming and hawing pun!