Sunday, November 8, 2015


I have decided that with the long list of things I have to get done before the end of the year, I really need to write a specific list of what and when I need to get stuff done. But I have been so busy that I haven’t had time to even look at my list.

I was at a seminar for work yesterday, and every time I asked anyone how they were, they would tell me how busy they were. Finally, at the end of the day, when the last woman I talked to started on with her list of busyness, I held up my hand and said, “Talk to the hand. I am tired of hearing how busy everyone is, coz this is what I have going on.”

After thinking about it, though, I am going to try a different tact. It is almost like a contest to see who can be the busiest. Why is that?

Instead of trying to up everyone else’s list, I’m going to try to answer with something witty, like, “I feel blessed that there are enough hours in each day to do the things I need to do, because if there isn’t any more time in the day, I don’t have anything else to do.” Or something to that effect.

What about you? Getting as tired doing too much every day as you are in telling people about it?

Here is the list of things I am looking at:
  • Blog about my trip to Africa. Have been whittling away on it, and I think only have two more posts to write and share.
  • Write a summary of my trip and financial prospectus. Done, printed and shared.
  • Work on a power point presentation of the trip.  Haven’t started on the pictures yet, but wrote an outline and have a title: “Poverty in Kenya: the good, the bad and the ugly.”
  • Set up dates to do my presentation. I have one date for a talk – December 11, at the clinic where I work. I also talked to a few people at church and they agree that sometime in January or February, maybe after football season, after church Sunday morning. I need to get a 2016 calendar and pick a date.
  • Have two sales of my Kenyan merchandise. Have had one and the second is November 21. I need to promote it yet.
  • Decide on this year’s Christmas program for church. After talking to our pastor and our Sunday school teacher, the program is a go, even though there are only three kids in her class. THREE! But I said it years ago, when our numbers were dropping, that we need to have a program even if there is only one kid. I just have to rope more confirmation class and high school kids into participating. The puppet team from town is going to get back to me, but they have always performed in the program before. The congregation singing Christmas carols will just have to fill in the rest of the time.
  • On the writing end of things, I have not gotten to any of these things.  
    • Edit my third devotional
    • Edit my novel about Kenya now that it is fresh in my mind again
    • Start pulling together notes for a potential second memoir
  • I also need to add to this list writing a newsletter for the nonprofit. I need to get it put together and out to everyone who has supported us so far as soon as possible. We need to raise $4000 by the end of the year to get chicken production started at the school shortly after the first of the year. $4000 shouldn’t be that much money to come up; it would just be nice to get one corporate sponsor willing to foot the bill We will just have to see what happens.
 Have a good week and don’t be so busy!

Why the pics are taking so long....


  1. Oh, dear. Chris, you have won the "my list is longer than yours" contest!!!! Oh my goodness, how will you get everything that's important to you done . . . on time? Maybe with your own words of wisdom: "There are enough hours for me to do what is needed." Wise woman. Clear out the clutter. Focus on the essential. My personal favorite is to tackle each day that one task you find most daunting. So, may you have a very good week.

    1. Thanks, Beth. Even with so much to do I waste a lot of time wandering the internet. I think if I wrestled that bad habit to the ground I would have the time to get everything done.