Sunday, November 15, 2015


I’ve started using the desk top computer in my living room more and more. Even though my son checked out my laptop last week and said it is running as well as it can, it is still so painfully slow at times that I cannot stand it. Also I have about run out of patience with Microsoft Word. I just hate – I mean HATE – the thought of learning a new word processing program, but I may have to give in sooner than later. Change is not a friend of mine.

The answer would be to invest in a new laptop all together, but I do not see that in the budget. I asked the hubby if I could ask for a new one for Christmas, and he gave me the Look. So I guess I am stuck with what I got.

Here is the list of goals I started this Round with:
  • Blog about my trip to Africa. I have blogged about most of our days in Kenya, I still want to share a few thoughts and stories, but I think I should wind it up this week.
  • Write a summary of my trip to Kenya and financial prospectus. Done, printed and shared.
  • Work on a power point presentation of the trip.  Haven’t worked on it, but still am editing pictures, so I want to finish that first anyway.
  • Set up dates to do my presentation. I have one date for a talk – December 11, at the clinic where I work. And I think I will speak at church after the nine a.m. service on January 31. That is the week before the Super Bowl, so people won’t have anything else to do that Sunday. I will verify it with Pastor this week and get it in the newsletter. The friend who went with me is also working on getting us on the schedule for a CEU seminar the end of February.  
  • Have two sales of my Kenyan merchandise. The second sale is coming up next Saturday, so I need to get ready for it and promote it.
  • My church’s Christmas program. I’ve written the “bones” of the program and have a few kids lined up. I need to call more kids tonight and finish writing the program, as much as I can. My organist will help fill in the songs.
  • Write a newsletter for the nonprofit. I hope to work on that this afternoon.
  • Finish reading “Shantaram”. The longest book I have ever read – nearly one thousand pages. I am getting there though, only two chapters left. I hope to finish it this week.
  • On the writing end of things, I still have not done any of the things I had hoped to, but have resigned myself to the fact that it will all have to wait until the first of the year.

I have to work this Friday all day (my usual day off and most productive most weeks), but I have off Tuesday afternoon instead. I need to get a lot done that afternoon. Today is an unusually beautiful mid-November day here and I may have to go outside and play, so I may not get done as much as I had hoped. 

How is your upcoming week shaping up? 
My yard one year ago. Glad to still have green grass this year. 


  1. Yikes, 1000 pages! I'm usually happy if I make it through a 500-page book. I hope you have a productive Tuesday; you certainly have a lot going on right now!

    1. Thanks, Emily. Both my kids recommended the book to me, and if my daughter who has probably read six books in her entire life got through it, I think I will be able to.

  2. Wow sounds like you hit a snag. Some folks use MS Office, others shun the processor. I use different word processor for my writing.
    Computers they can be moody at times. At least you're caught up with your other chores
    happy writing safe trip and stay sweet

    1. I try to keep my computer issues in perspective. Having just come back from Africa, and seeing how little they live with, I have no right to complain about some slowness.

  3. That long list of goals for this last round for 2015 still shows wonderful progress, and your presentations on Africa will be a gift to those who cannot go. I'm also struggling with my laptop (2002 = very old and slow) and thinking about Scrivener (yes, a new learning curve) for that next writing project. That is, if I can finish the current one . . . officially three years in progress. But you say it well: Grateful for what we have and can share, grateful to be writing, grateful for each sunny day. Make it a good week!

    1. Thanks, Beth, for the continued support. I have read about a lot of writers using Scrivener. I suppose it wouldn't hurt me to at least get more information on it,huh? Have a great week!