Sunday, November 29, 2015

Goals in spite of Thanksgiving

We had our family Thanksgiving dinner at my house yesterday. Of the over twenty-some who I invited, we ended up with 13 (ok, unless you count the two dogs, then 15). Everything went okay. Actually rather uneventful, but the way my life has gone this entire year, uneventful is good.

And what of my goals? First, let me rearrange them so I can better concentrate on those I have to work on.

Goals Accomplished:
  • Blog about my trip to Africa.
  • Write a summary of my trip to Kenya and financial prospectus.  
  • Set up dates to do my presentation.
  • Have two sales of my Kenyan merchandise.
  • Write a newsletter for the nonprofit.
  • Finish reading “Shantaram”. This the latest goal accomplished. At nearly 1,000 pages, the longest book I have ever read. But so worth it. I thought it was great and would highly recommend it to anyone who has traveled to other and very different countries, or has an interest in learning more about other cultures.
And these goals are still hanging out:

  • My church’s Christmas program. Yes, I finished putting together the main parts of the program, now I need to fill in lots of holes. And get lots of help with it. 
  • Work on a power point presentation of the trip. I pretty much have my pictures from the trip edited and organized. I really need to get this together though as my first talk is eleven days away. 
  • On the writing end of things… I think I am ready to start writing that second memoir, the one about my last two trips to Kenya. I just need some quiet time to dive into it. I know how and where I want to start it and have journal entries to rely on to keep me going. Just need the time.
 And I think it is reasonable to say that – plus all the preparations to take care of for Christmas – will take me to the start of the next ROW80.

 How about you? Getting caught up in the holiday frenzy? Or having your own personal frenzy? And did anyone reading this complete NaNoWriMo? 


  1. I did complete Nano, but with my modified goal of 30k. :)

    Uneventful is very good. :)

    Awesome work on your goals. Good luck for the rest of the round!

    1. Thanks, Erin. And congratulations on finishing NaNo, whatever your word count was, you finished what you set out to do. Best wishes for a productive December.

  2. I finished NaNo (I'm a fast drafter now that I use open-ended plotting), and went on to finish out the book at 66,833 words. I've still got a fantasy novel I'm only about halfway through, so that and some fanfiction rough drafts will be my fiction writing for the rest of the year.

    My family cherishes peace and calm, so we avoid holiday gatherings of my volatile family or origin, and my Accomplice's are thousands of miles away, so...

    No frenzy. Our kids, 14 and 11, make their own lists, within an approved budget, so even the shopping is painless.

    It looks like you're having a banner round. Lots of big things done, and more in the works. May you find joy in all of it! =D

    1. Congratulations on an awesome finish to NaNo as well as keeping the holidays under control. It was mostly the hubby's family at Thanksgiving this year and they were relatively quiet this year, for a change. Not looking forward to the Christmas get together though.