Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Maybe Not So Lazy

I wasn't going to post a blog tonight because I didn't have anything to say, so I will make this quick.

This morning I was ready to cancel our church's children's Christmas program. We just have so few kids and though I know that I said several years ago when I took on the task of writing the program, that we would do it even there was just one kid, this morning it seemed so futile. Some time during the day I decided that I would stick with it and some how make it work. So  I sat down at the computer and churned out the "bones" of the program - the Bible verses and a template for adding everything else. I will talk to our organist tomorrow for help plugging in songs and then wait to hear from our puppet troop to see what songs they are doing. And this weekend call all of my slacker parents and force them to rope their middle schoolers and high schoolers into this.

I can get this done. What made me panic this morning was looking at the date - I have a month and a week to pull this together! How did I let time get away from me like this?

Ok, but I was going to keep this short and get to bed.

Besides the Christmas program, I have been working on more edits of my pictures from Kenya, have posted to my other blog on schedule and have done some promoting of my two devotionals on social media. Oh, and posted a picture on Facebook for the upcoming craft sale I will be at. I guess that is enough. Oh, and one more thing. My daughter was up Monday and all evening we worked on stuff for the nonprofit.

Yeah, see, no matter how lazy I say that I am, I guess I still get stuff done.  
See I can do it! 
So says Little Eddie, the house kitten at the volunteer house where we stayed in Kenya. 

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