Wednesday, April 13, 2016

do you need to focus?

I haven’t done so good this week on my one main goal of writing the memoir of my sister and our lives together for CampNaNoWriMo. I am up to 8380 words. Since it is almost the middle of the month and my goal was 30,000 words, I am way behind. Like 7,000 words behind. I keep thinking that I have lots of time, that I can still catch up, but I have so much going on this month. I just don’t know what I was thinking by even trying to tackle this.

Tonight after work I am giving a talk on my African trips to our children’s class at church (usually known as Sunday School, but since they meet on Wednesday night, and Wednesday School doesn’t have a ring to it, I never know what to call it). I give two more talks in the next month, one on the 28th and one on May 8 at two different churches in two different towns, one 30 minutes away and one an hour and a half away. Also, the weekend of April 23 is the yearly state conference for my profession in medical assisting. We are having a table there to sell all of our Kenyan merchandise, so I need to get all our new stuff inventoried and priced this weekend. Of course, first and foremost is that my kids and the rest of our team come home from Kenya tomorrow. And I cannot wait to hear all of their stories and see all of their pictures.

I also am still trying to work my way up to running 5K. The weather here has been so abysmal, however, that I haven’t been able to start running outside yet and I just can’t go far on the treadmill.

And then there are the 900 pictures I took on vacation last week, which I need to edit and title, and hopefully delete a bunch. I bet there’s something else I am supposed to be working on, so much for keeping my goals simple this Round!

Has it been this hectic for you? Or are you meeting all your goals so far? And has spring come yet to your neck of the woods? 
And it seems like every time I look out one of my windows, this is what I see. So I spend a half hour taking pictures of them. I do appreciate my beautiful visitors, but I need to focus.


  1. Spring?? That seems an elusive creature this year. *sigh* And isn't it hard to focus when looking out the window provides such lovely distractions?

  2. My goodness, Chris, is that snow on the ground? The deer are an inspiration as is all of your projects. I'm feeling a little overwhelmed myself as my hubby shows very slow improvements -- but remains in good spirits. So today, I reminded myself that yes, it could always be worse! What I see here is that you have made a great start on that memoir about you and your sister. Over 8,000 words to the good! And look at the support for the Kenya Project, getting the word out, talking to people. All of this is excellent progress. I'm looking forward to the new stories and pictures the kids will bring home. It has been a good week for us all.