Sunday, April 17, 2016

just one goal . . . yea, right

I’m going to repeat myself here and remind you that I have too much stuff going on this month. I knew that going in, which is why I chose one big goal for my writing – write my sister’s story. My goal – finish it out at around 30,000 words. I am up to 10,050. I guess that’s not as horrendously behind as I had thought – like only 5,000 words behind. The problem is the month isn’t getting any easier. Well, at least not this week anyway.

This Thursday night I leave for a three-day conference for my career as a medical assistant. Tumaini Volunteers, our non-profit organization, signed up to be a vendor. For either a $100 fee or a donation of a door prize, which my friend and partner in crime Denise donated, we will have a table set up for Friday and Saturday selling our Kenyan merchandise to a new crowd. I have had booths at - let me think – nine or ten craft fairs all within a 45 mile radius of where I live and all those shows caterer to the same demographic. This time we are 150 miles from home and in front of a totally different kind of group. We have also increased some of our prices, since this new crowd has a better income than some of our other targets and plus people need to realize that this is for a nonprofit and we aren’t pocketing this money to finance a new car or anything like that. 

Last week, my kids had brought back from Kenya nearly 200 pieces of merchandise which need to be inventoried, priced and repacked for Thursday. Right now it is spread out all over two tables in my dining room. We inventoried it and priced it yesterday, so all I have to do is pack it up. That’s really my biggest goal for today. I have my doubts.

So all that being said, I need to spend the rest of the week until then getting ready not only for the sale, but for the conference overall as I am an attendee as well.

Next week on Thursday, I am giving a talk at a church out of town, so sometime before then I need to update my slides on my powerpoint.

I also have yet to finish going through the nearly 900 pictures that I took on our vacation the first of the month. Why am I such a putz?

And there are those 20,000 words yet to write on my project for CampNaNoWriMo. And on top of everything else, the sun is finally shining here, the snow is gone and the forecast is for 70 degrees again today, so I need to get outside. I think that is what I really need to do today, as mental health is the most important thing. 

How’s the weather by you? Has spring finally sprung? Have a great and productive week. 


  1. Spring appears to have sprung here, and it's been really great! Love the pic!

    Hugs on being so busy!

  2. I don't know about sprung. Crawled in slowly over a month or two, slowly crowding out winter prematurely might be a better way to put it this year. No flowers yet, but no snow left, either. O.o

    I hope the conference goes well! Maybe you'll snag some unexpected writing time in there to finish your goal.

    1. Our winter, though mild, seemed to drag on forever. We had snow showers amounting to a couple inches of snow a couple times earlier in April. My last snow pile finally left just a few days ago.