Sunday, August 7, 2016

back from camping

Hubby, Dino and I returned from our camping trip early Friday afternoon. I spent the rest of the day Friday and all day yesterday unpacking, washing clothes, cleaning the camper, repacking, etc. It makes me wonder if the five days and four nights that we were actually camping was worth it. But it doesn’t take much for me to say, heck yes. I’m ready to go again. Hence, the repacking of the camper. Unfortunately, looking at the calendar and our schedules, I believe that Hubby is correct in wanting to lock the camper up for the year. I am going to hold out hope, however, that we can get just one more two day trip in. We’ll see.

All that being said, with all that relaxation all week, I didn’t quite finish my one and only writing goal for the week. I wanted to finish another edit of the last 14 chapters of my novel, “Where the Sky Meets the Sand”. I only got through nine and thought about powering through those last few chapters today before posting this update, but I didn’t want to rush it.

Which leaves me with a ridiculous amount of work to do this week. My big, secret goal (not such a secret once I post this though) by the end of August is to send my novel off to a publisher. The penalty for not achieving this goal is that I am going to get a part-time, second paying job.

Here’s what I will get done this week, because I have to:

1) My novel
a. Finish this edit, typing up an outline for each chapter as I go.  
b. Spend three hours working on a pitch for the publisher I have in my sights.
2) Blog twice a week here.
3) Blog three times on the Dino Chronicles. This week I am still reposting the blogs I wrote about my first trip to Kenya. Not quite as much work as writing them from scratch, but still a commitment.  

Reading –
1) I finished reading “My Maasai Life”. Need to start reading the book that my Tuesday morning Bible Study started three weeks ago. Not behind on that at all, am I?  
2) Read three ROW blog posts twice a week.

1) Update my website once a month, but I don’t think this will be the week to do it.
2) Submit one flash fiction piece.  
3) Post something promoting my books or myself on each of my social media.

Personal –
1) Physical
a. Exercise four mornings a week.
b. Lift weights and/or run four nights a week.
2) Spiritual
a. Read my Bible every night, or at least read in the book that my Bible Study group is reading (I probably should at least find that book somewhere on my night stand and find out its title, huh?).
b. Read a devotion every day.  
3) Camping trip
            a. Finish editing the some-300 pictures which I took.
            b. Finish journaling about the trip

      1)      Work on scheduling our fall planning meeting
      2)      Contact people who have previously expressed interest in going to Kenya with us and see if they are ready to go on our next trip.

Sounds good, right? I can do this!

How about you? We must be almost half-way through this Round already. Are you finding success, pushing yourself harder or ready to hang it up?  


  1. You can definitely do it! The goal of submitting to a publisher is a good one, and coincidentally, I did that in January. I haven't heard back yet. Even so, I did submit to one agent recently and got a form rejection. Apparently that's pretty common, so I'm not giving up yet! But this goal will help motivate you to get the manuscript ready. I know it did for me (and there was a deadline for submissions, so double motivation!).

    As for camping...hubby and I are going for a weekend trip at the end of this month, and again after the round ends. We weren't able to take another week-long trip due to work stuff, but the weekend trips will be like mini-vacations. Maybe you can squeeze another trip in! Would be nice.

    1. My hubby is only off of work every third weekend, so we really have to plan for a weekend trip. We'll see though. I just talked to a friend from out of state who said she'll come over and we can camp out in my yard. That could work.

    2. That sounds like so much fun! Hubby and I have talked about sleeping in our camper sometime...

  2. I love the beach pic.
    I'm trying to push harder this week.

    1. Thanks. I had a hard time get any decent pictures of us this time.
      Best wishes on your push!