Sunday, August 14, 2016


Okay, let’s get right to it. What did I do last week?

(Accomplished goals are highlighted in green, worked on are in yellow and didn’t work on it at all are written in red.)

1) My novel
a. Finish this edit, typing up an outline for each chapter as I go.  DONE! YEAH!
b. Spend three hours working on a pitch for the publisher I have in my sights. I didn’t technically work on this, but since I further researched some publishers, I’m going to count that.
2) Blog twice a week here. Yes
3) Blog three times on the Dino Chronicles. Yes. I finished reposting the blogs I wrote about my first trip to Kenya, so this week I will start sharing about my recent camping trip.   

Reading –
1) I started reading the book that my Tuesday morning Bible Study is studying. “The Power of God’s Names”. I didn’t know He had so many names. All these Hebrew words, or at least I imagine they are Hebrew, the author never actually says that. Things like Elohim and Adonai. I think this book is going to be a challenge to say the least. I’ve also been reading “War Brides” as my escape reading.    
2) Read three ROW blog posts twice a week. Done.

1) Update my website once a month. Haven’t done it yet.  
2) Submit one flash fiction piece.  YES! Another YEAH! I submitted my short story “The Beginning of October” to Online Flash Fiction.
3) Post something promoting my books or myself on each of my social media. No, not really.  

Personal –
1) Physical
a. Exercise four mornings a week. Yes, four times.
b. Lift weights and/or run four nights a week. No, only twice.
2) Spiritual
a. Read my Bible every night. I think I read it maybe three times.  
b. Read a devotion every day.  I think I read one four or five nights.
3) Camping trip
            a. Finish editing the some-300 pictures which I took. YES
            b. Finish journaling about the trip. YES

      1)      Work on scheduling our fall planning meeting. We have a tentative date. Just wish people would get back to us. If a different date works better for everyone, we can reschedule. Instead people will be like, I was busy that day, but they don’t tell anybody until after the meeting. Duh. I know that is just their excuse for why they couldn’t make it, but why can’t people just be honest.
      2)      Contact people who have previously expressed interest in going to Kenya with us and see if they are ready to go on our next trip. I sent information to one person who said she would like to go, and my daughter has been in contact with a couple.  

Holy cow, Batman, that is an incredible amount of green! I’m as happy with this as Dino was when we went camping. 

What next? I think just keep working on this list, all except editing the novel. Of course, that means it may be time to start writing the next one, the one that has been in the back of my mind for 41 years! 

How about you? We are halfway through this Round. Are you halfway through your goals? 


  1. Celebrate that green as summer winds down! Wonderful progress.Sometimes I think making good progress in one area spills over into other areas and motivates everyone around us! If we lived closer, we could have a long chat over coffee about meetings and group projects. Most of the time, people are forthright but don't like to say negative things, like, "I can't go this time." So when there's resistance shown in small ways, it could point to a need to tackle the larger problem in a different way. Sorry if this is not clear as I haven't had breakfast yet. Have a great week.

    1. Thanks, Beth, your thoughts are always helpful. We should do "virtual" coffee some morning!

  2. I'm never halfway through my goals! But I like having a smorgasbord more than a to-do list, so I'm OK with that.

    Right now, life is full of administrative details. I've managed to do some critiquing, some early revision work on one of my own scenes, start writing another sponsor post to help Kait out, and added a few hundred to maybe a thousand words on my fan fiction.

    And I have ideas...

    Dino does look mighty happy! And that IS a LOT of green! You can't see me, but I'm applauding!

    1. Halfway done or not, you are still making progress. Thanks for the applause! And Dino is still resting up from his big trip. At nine years old, he peters out faster than he used to.

  3. Still working through mine, alas. :(

    Lots of green! Awesome!

    1. You can do, Erin. The Round is only half over!

  4. I'm not at the halfway mark on my goals yet, but am rapidly catching up from my week of "creative avoidance."

    Congrats on making at least part of your weightlifting goals. I'm hoping to get my own program started soon.

    1. Sometimes you have to have some "creative avoidance". Best wishes for no future avoidance.

  5. Love all that green and yellow! Awesome work!

  6. Congrats on your success of successes!