Sunday, November 6, 2016

A Mixed Bag

I had a medical assistant meeting for the day job yesterday. Drove over for it Friday night and spent the night with some friends from our medical assistant organization. It’s fun to get together and catch up, but even though lights were out at 9:30 and we only talked for another half hour or so, I didn’t get any sleep. I don’t know why I can’t remember to take sleeping pills with me, coz I know that I never get any sleep in a hotel room. Then I didn’t get home til after ten last night, but because I ate supper late on the way home, I didn’t sleep last night either. Argh. I’m a little shot today, but am going to power through.

So, other than that glitch, how did I fare in the last week? (Green highlight is a goal that is on track, yellow highlight was at least worked on, red letters is a total fail.)

1)        Finish writing my current novel, “The Big House”. I wrote an amazing 4,660 words last week. Is that even possible??? I really did not want to stop, the words kept flowing and the characters kept talking. If it hadn’t been for that meeting yesterday, I’m sure I would have kept going. Somewhere I thought I was shooting for 5,000 words per week and with my word count at 22,031 total, I’m 31% finished. So I am giving this goal a green this week, coz that is pretty darn close.
2)        Work on readying “Where the Sky Meets the Sand” for publication. Nothing really. I had emailed my Pre-Publication form the week before and never heard back, so I did send it again, saying, “in case you didn’t receive this the first time…” They emailed me back that they had gotten it the first time and were just busy. Makes me nervous. To my mind, no matter how busy you are, you acknowledge receiving an email, even if it is a form letter kind of thing. Makes you professional. But maybe that is just my narrow opinion. I’ll be patient and wait to hear from them again I guess. Hopefully sooner than later.
3)        Do some editing on my two memoirs, “Pat’s Story” and “Two More Trips To Africa”. Nothing at all.  
4)        Continue posting to my other blog, “The Dino Chronicles” three times a week.  On track, three posts this week. And even a mid-week post here.
5)        Finalize the next trip to Kenya for my daughter’s nonprofit, Tumaini Volunteers.  Nothing concrete. Talked to some people about it, sold one coupon book. Finalized a craft show my daughter will have to work at by herself on the 15th. So I guess that all adds up to something.
6)        Get my body in shape. Only exercised three mornings and two evenings. My back is still bugging me and the headache I’ve had since the first part of October is still hanging on too. Makes it hard to want to do anything physical, but I know that exercising will relax some of those muscles. Not going to sweat it right now.

So last week was kind of a mixed bag. I guess that’s okay. I’ll take it.

 How about you? Do you fluctuate on what goals you achieve? Or are you steady and making even forward progress? 

(The only picture of a bag that I had on my camera.)


  1. I try to stay off this post since its your writers blog. FYI meeting lasted until 9 pm--No sleep for me. either. But my goal of unpacking is done, processing a project I would like to work on for my HOC report in Feb is fermenting in my brain and getting the banking done is DONE. I feel I could relate to this post. See/chat soon my friend.

    1. Denise, you are more than welcome to stalk me and comment on any of my social media, you goof. When I saw that the meeting wasn't going to get done any time soon, I figured I would sneak out. At least you had someone riding with you on the way home. All I had was a book on CD, which finished just as I pulled into the driveway!

  2. You had a great week, Chris. Congrats on getting the book done!

    1. Thanks, Livia, sometimes I look back on the week and think, "wow, how did I even get that much done?"