Sunday, November 13, 2016

Lots of color and bonus points too!

Due to a death in my boss’s family, I had an extra day off from the day job last week. I’m pretty sad about his loss, but to make up for it, I tried to be ubber-productive.

So was I ubber-productive? (Green highlight is a goal that is on track, yellow highlight was at least worked on, red letters is a total fail.)

1)        Finish writing my current novel, “The Big House”. I wrote a record 5,482 words last week and five chapters.  Which puts me at 21 chapters, 27,698 words and 36% complete. Then yesterday morning, because the Hubby had worked the night-shift so was sleeping in the basement, instead of cleaning house and making noise, I researched background information for the story for nearly four hours.
2)        Work on readying “Where the Sky Meets the Sand” for publication. Nope, nothing that I can think of.  But I think that now is the time to concentrate on other goals anyway, as once the first round of edits gets back to me, I am really not going to be able to work on anything else.
3)        Do some editing on my two memoirs, “Pat’s Story” and “Two More Trips To Africa”. Nothing at all.  
4)        Continue posting to my other blog, “The Dino Chronicles” three times a week.  On track, three posts last week.
5)        Finalize the next trip to Kenya for my daughter’s nonprofit, Tumaini Volunteers.  Somehow last week, I even managed to do a boatload of work on Tumaini. My daughter called one night ready to hang it up, shut down the organization and send all of our funds to the organization we work with in Kenya. She was so frustrated and discouraged. I rallied her and told her that since most new nonprofits fold after five years, we have to make it another two years just so we can say we beat the odds. The next day I ran into a former teacher who asked how we were doing and if we had another trip planned. I’ve talked to him before about it and that day, he was like, send me the information, I’m free and I have the cash. Then yesterday the Hubby talked to a co-worker of his who had expressed interest once before and he also said, I’m sure I can get off from work in the spring, send me the info. We’ve also got three craft shows coming up in the next month, so are getting ready for those. So, yea, but busy.
6)        Get my body in shape. I think I exercised three mornings and two evenings. My weight is holding the same, but all I want to do is eat. Can’t someone give me a pill that just turns me off from food?  
7)        Bonus Points – I updated my author website.

That should be enough, huh? A little bit of everything along with a spattering of nothing.  

How about you? Do you find some weeks you can work on one or two goals, but nothing on the others? Or do you just concentrate on one goal at a time? 
From our last craft sale last summer. If you are anywhere near Central Wisconsin, let me know and I'll tell you where we'll be at coming up. 

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  1. Over 5K in one week? Congrats, Chris. That's great progress.

    Good luck to your daughter on her nonprofit. The world needs more people trying to make it a better place, so I hope she succeeds.