Sunday, February 26, 2017

Going to Catch Up

I have been so sadly slacking on posting here that I don’t even know where to begin. I guess you will have to check my other blog, The Dino Chronicles, to catch up. Or click here.

On that other blog, I make it pretty well known that I am a Christian and believe that I have a loving Father in Heaven who has got things covered. Even when everything in my world is unraveling. God keeps me from falling into the abyss at those times.

So I share some of those instances on The Dino Chronicles, as well as in my other writing, but I try to keep this blog focused on what my writing goals are and not necessarily the content.

On January 29, I emailed back to my editor my first round of edits on my novel “Where the Sky Meets the Sand”. Even with everything going on in my life the last few weeks, I’ve been thinking I should email my editor to see where things are at. As if I would have had time to look at the latest update to the manuscript. But I really want to get the ball rolling and get the novel published.

But God was like, “it’s gonna happen in My time and not yours.” So I continued waiting patiently. Lo and behold, Friday afternoon as I was thinking that I really need to check on this, I got an email from my editor with the updated manuscript.

I don’t know why I think I always have to be in charge. I need to remember to trust in God’s timing. Anyway, so what about my goals for the next week.

     1)    Start reading through that manuscript again. I actually think it is a good thing that there is the lag time there is, so every time I read it my eyes are little bit more fresh to it.
     2)    Clean off my dining room table, which looks like an episode of Hoarders.
     3)    Get back on track blogging on The Dino Chronicles, as well as here.
     4)      Hem my daughter’s curtains. She has finally finished remodeling her upstairs and only needs the final touches.
     5)  Set up a time table for my trip to Kenya in 31 days!
     6)    The other thing I need to do to get ready for that trip is get in shape. I don’t know if I can do it in a month, but I have to give it my best shot. 

Since I haven’t written in nearly a month, have only exercised sporadically, and can’t seem to remember what day of the week it is, these are some power house goals. Wish me luck. 
I don't usually like roses, because they die so quickly. 
But this one is still beautiful almost a week later. 


  1. Sometime you can only do just so much because life has taken over... You'll get to those words as you need to. Sounds like you have your way charted again.

    1. Thanks, Eden. I didn't clear off the kitchen table today and the piles wandered onto the cupboard, so I have made no headway. But it will come.