Sunday, July 15, 2012

Where did I end up by week's end?

Despite all of the other issues I have been encountering for the past week and a half, not to mention the migraine that plagued me for four days, I scored an eight out of 16 on my goal meter for the week.

I wrote for four hours, added to all of my social networks, posted two posts on the Dino Chronicles, hmm? and that seems to be about it. Next week, I have to, have to, have to submit something! I have a few leads on magazines where I could send a couple short stories and non-fiction pieces. I just have to get on it.

I also have to do some research for my novel. I have discovered that it may be harder for my protagonist to track down the baby she gave up for adoption than I had thought it would be. Oops, hope I didn't give away too much of the story. Oh, well. It will keep you waiting on the edge of your seats for the book to come out, right?

I also have got to call the police department to see if those kids next door can really be running their ATVs up and down the side road all day every day. The noise is making me crazy!


  1. Chris, having battled a migraine for the past week (plus having them regularly), that is a huge achievement for the week! I wish I had gotten as much done. Keep working on it and I hope the next weeks are totally pain free for you.

    Cate (ROW80)

    1. Thanks, Cate, for the encouragement. Migraines are just no fun at all.