Sunday, November 11, 2012

Have I got too many numbers in this post?

As I have lamented in the past, I work full-time at the medical center in my town. For the past twelve years, I have been scheduled from eight to five Monday through Thursday and eight to noon on Fridays. Considering I never get a full hour lunch and I rarely leave at five, I've been working close to 40 hours a week, though 36 is considered full-time. With recent scheduling changes, I am now working eight am to seven pm on Mondays, still eight to five Tuesday through Thursday, with Fridays off all day.

The building I have been working in for just over ten years.
I've been looking forward to this day for twelve years. When I was working Friday mornings, I never got out of the clinic on time and then I usually would stop at my mom's or else I had other errands to run, so that I never got home before two. Then I pick up my kinship kid at five for the evening. Meaning, it never felt like I had much of an afternoon off.

Now, though, yikes! I have an entire day off! This past Friday, even though I had a noon appointment, visited at my mom's for about an hour and then visited at the kinship office before heading home, I still got a ton of stuff done on the computer. How much you ask? Here are the stats:


- Spent seven hours this week working on a book - either more edits on my memoir or writing my novel - 7 points
- Posted three times on my other blog - 3 points
- Worked on adding to my social networks twice - 2 points
- Commented on three other blogs - 1 point
- Did stuff to promote and market my book for one hour - 1 point

I think that would be a record, at 14 points out of 18.


I am up to 6388 words on my novel for this month. Again, I am not sure how many were written in the last seven days. I knew going in that there was no way that I would make 50,000 words this month, with all this other stuff going on, but it is still good to be pursuing the dream. And I love how the NaNo website, when I post my word count, gives me all these fun stats, like how long it will take me at this pace to write 50,000 words (sometime the first of January).

My Book

Let's see. I sent in my final round of edits. My publisher got back to me that everything looks good. This week they will be formatting it, to see how it will actually look in book form. I contacted three of my potential endorsers and asked them if they could, if at all possible, get their endorsement to me by the end of the week. Next thing I need is to do is get my PR and marketing thoughts to the publisher. Each day is another day closer to having that book in my hands, and hopefully in your hands.
God blesses me each spring with these beautiful trees just outside my windows at work.
Too bad it will be many dreary months before I see this. 

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  1. not to many numbers at all:) a whole day off - must seem like a holiday every week - and you managed to pack in a lot - well done. I like those stats that nano give out - add a couple of words and a whole new time scale/line is produced:) all the best for the coming week:)