Sunday, November 25, 2012

Why shouldn't I take on one more task?

How is it possible that I am so inconsistent with my writing? I had been doing fairly well, meeting at least half of my goals and then all of sudden this week - I stink. I even had two days off from work. I know one of them was Thanksgiving, but we celebrated that this year on Saturday and not Thursday. It seems that the crazier my schedule is the more I get done. When I have a slow week, I just plain get lazy.

Maybe that is why I took on another project. Am I totally crazy? But you know how it is, when nobody else steps forward, all it takes is a little nudge for you to jump up and say, sure I'll do that! So I offered to help with the Christmas program at church. The woman who asked me to help her has never done this before and I know that as much as she is fired up about it, since I have done this in the past, a lot is going to fall on me. But that's ok. If this other woman and I hadn't stepped up, there would be no program and even though we only have a handful of kids, it just doesn't feel like Christmas without getting the tots up in front of church dressed like shepherds or angels to sing "Away in a Manger". 

We are planning on keeping it simple. Or we were. Now I'm saying to myself, "hello, writer in there, you don't have to just sprinkle the Christmas story straight from the Bible in between songs. Write a whole program for this." Yes, I answer myself, because I have nothing else to do!

It will all work out. I am not going to sweat it.


This week I met eight out of 18 goals. Like I already said, I didn't do much this week. I posted to my other blog twice, added to my social networks twice, wrote on my novel once, actually did some research on my novel, commented on at least three other blogs, and marketed my memoir a couple times. 


I have written a total of 10,924  words on my novel this month. November is slipping away and I don't see how it is possible to write 39,076 more words in the next five days. Sure that's only 7800 a day, while writing a Christmas program!!! Piece of cake, or piece of pie, considering the time of year it is.

My Book

I got my business cards in the mail. How sweet is that! One thousand of them fills a good size box! I would post a picture of it, but decided that was too much work.

I also received my press kit from my publisher and the final proofread draft. Sounds like my publisher has been doing all the work this week. I did look over the final draft and should be able to e-mail that back today. Then it is more waiting while they format. I never knew there was this much to it. It's all right, though, because I happy to have this much control over my "baby".


  1. I think we become so used to being slap happy busy that when we aren't, we don't feel productive. I know that happens to me when I take a vacation. Even if you don't win NaNo by crossing the finish line, you won anyway. You got 11k words in. It might not feel as good as 50k but it's not something to sneer at. We all ebb and flow. You'll be in the flow before you know it.

  2. Thanks, Ryan. I knew that I would never come close to finishing NaNo, but it is still 10,000 words I didn't have on November first.

  3. Chris, it sounds like you are doing great! Reviewing a press kit and proofreading that draft is real work, especially this week, with all else that goes on. Sometimes I think that down time is very useful; our subconscious minds keep right on working. And I agree with Ryan that those 10,000 words are a plus! Write on!

    1. Thanks, Beth, for the encouragement. We just need to keep plowing on, whether slow or fast.