Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Goals, goals, goals, I need to get me some goals!

Ok, let’s seriously write up so doable goals. And go back to that thing I had going in February about reading, writing, reaching, and throwing in “personal goals” as well.

1)      Read two other blog posts a day.
2)      Read the books – I usually have one fiction, one nonfiction and a devotional going at once. So read something in each of those a day. Right now I am reading “Sinners and the Sea” (fiction), “Ordinary People in God’s Hands” (nonfiction), and “His Grace is Sufficient – Decaf is Not” (devotional). I also have two or three things going in the Kindle. That’s the problem with the Kindle – it is too easy to jump from book to book and never finish anything. Speaking of finishing something, I need to finish one of my books this week.
3)      I can’t think of what else I should be reading right now.

1)      Continue to post to my two different blogs a total of five times a week.
2)      Work on my novel four times a week, finishing a chapter a week. That would be doable if I would just drag that novel out!
3)      Write one short piece a week.

1)      Submit one of those short pieces I wrote to someplace once a month.
2)      Comment on other blogs at least a few times a week.
3)      Check my social networks daily, but don’t go nuts adding to them. It seems that my social networks have grown enough that other people are finding me. Let them do the work.
4)      I have four speaking engagements from now until mid-August. Maybe I can get one more, but then I think I need to be looking into the fall. I need to have a life.

1)      Continue running. The 5K is 28 days away. I have to have at least gone (run/walk combo) that full distance by next week, so I could work on actually running most of it within another three weeks.
2)      Work on my daughter Val’s nonprofit. This is a huge undertaking, that’s all I can say about that.  

Ok, all that being written, what have I done this week? I don’t know. This is all too new to me! Ack, goals? What was I thinking?

I’m thinking that I need to get my focus on and goals are the only way to do. I promise to present some finished goals my next post. 


  1. Wow! You are driven! Will you have time to dance? Something tells me you'll make time! Sweet hugs!

    1. Maybe instead of running the 5K, I should dance it!

  2. I don't think you need to worry about getting you some goals. These are really good ones. I particularly like "Check my social networks daily, but don’t go nuts adding to them." Social media has that effect, doesn't it?

  3. This is a great list! I am task oriented myself, and this is a list I could tackle.