Sunday, June 2, 2013

What three things does the word Bread remind you of?

Since I still don’t have concrete writing goals, I am going to tell you what I did accomplish this week. Though I still haven’t gotten back to work on my novel, the things that I have been doing still relate to my writing career, even if I have to stretch things a bit. Just using my imagination, so that’s a good thing.

1)      Worked on my August 19 speaking engagement
2)      Sent out posters for my June 14 presentation
3)      Started pricing the items we brought back from Kenya to sell at that presentation
4)      Blogged on my usual schedule
5)      Made plans to get together with a fellow writer to do some brainstorming of how we can help each other out
6)      Continued training for my 5K. Tried to sign up for it, but something went haywire on their website
7)      Started planning our vacation in September. What does that have to do with writing? Really? Any vacation is more fodder for stories.

This week my goals are to:
1)      Work on my novel
2)      Seriously start putting together my June 14 presentation
3)       Practice making the East African foods I plan on taking along for my guests to snack on
4)      Actually walk/run the full three miles to see how far that really is

Have a great week! 
This is in the Amsterdam airport. Isn't it cool? It reminds me of three things. 1)  That I made some chapati today, as practice for making some for June 14. Chapati is considered the "bread" of many East African peoples. 2) The band Bread, so now I have their music in my head 3) You know the city of Bethlehem? That name means city of bread.


  1. The band Bread is the first thing that popped into my mind! LOL. That's a great pic, though. Now I'm hungry. :)

    Good luck getting back into your novel. The African food sounds wonderful. My book club was also a supper club, and we prepared dishes that went along with the books' theme. One time that I hosted, we'd read books set in Africa, and I made an African meal (more west African, I think). It was delicious, and I wondered why we don't have more African restaurants in the U.S.

    1. Most of the restaurants I find here that serve African food are Ethiopian restaurants. I never knew before how popular it is, and now that I have had it, I could pass. I'll stick with chapati and mandazi.

  2. Your novel will come along. We just have to remember it is a marathon and it takes many small races to finish the whole.

    1. Yep, it is just like training for my 5K. Some days it's baby steps, some days it's a mile and a half.