Sunday, June 16, 2013

Thirty second Post

Ok, so here is my thirty second post.

One of my goals, you know the running the 5K goal? So I had big plans to run - ok mostly walk - five kilometers this morning, to see what it feels like to go that far.

Then yesterday afternoon I started getting this pain on the top of my right foot. By supper time it was so bad I was limping. By bedtime, my foot was swelled up like a watermelon, warm and red, and I could not walk on it at all. I said, oh, crap. The only thing I could think of that it was was gout. But that is caused by eating rich foods and meats and stuff like that. I never eat beef, chicken a couple times a week, no organ meats, I don't know. I just don't eat anything that would cause gout.

So I popped some ibuprofen and crawled in bed with an ice pack.

This morning, the swelling was gone, there was only little redness and pain over that one bone. I took some more ibuprofen and pouted most of the day. There goes that one goal I thought I could master - no, I knew I could never run three miles, but I could run the first mile and force myself to run the last one and do a mean walk the middle mile.

Tonight I sucked it up and ran a mile, whether it was good for my foot or not. No pain right now. And this took four minutes to type. I really am not very fast at anything.


  1. I felt for your poor foot:( that sounded really painful - take care. I always reckon I'm allergic to strenous exercise - as soon as I try injury or illness pop up!!

    fast is not always good- all the best for this week:)

    1. The foot is still a little red and painful this morning. I suppose I will have to show it to a doctor - good thing I work with a bunch of them.

  2. Never say never! Everyone has to start somewhere, and it's best to start out small. Just increase your running distance in small increments, and pretty soon, you'll have that 5K mastered! But first of all, take care of your feet. If your foot is injured, running on it is just going to do more damage than good. Best of luck in getting that figured out, injuries are no fun, especially when you have a running goal to meet!

    1. Thanks, Ingrid. I am watching my feet closely.