Sunday, September 1, 2013

Floating on a cloud and being a nervous wreck

Here we are, posting the usual quick Sunday update. It has only been a couple of days since Wednesday's check-in, but it is crazy what all has happened.

Have still been finalizing my presentation at the local library next Sunday. Have done about as much promoting of it as I can handle. Two other authors are in on it with me, so I think it will all iron itself out.

Not only is my mom settled in her new apartment, her mobile home has been sold and driven off into the sunset. All that is left is the empty lot and some trampled hostas (I plan on posting about that on my other blog on Tuesday, so stay tuned.).

There might have been something else. Oh, that's right, I finished reading another book.

But the biggest news is that I finally sent my 40-day devotional book off to my publisher. He emailed me back Friday night that he liked it and wants to talk about publishing options. I cannot believe it! It is possible to get published two years in a row! Or am I just dreaming? Or by publishing options, does he mean, "maybe you can find some one else for this book"?

I have a phone appointment with him for Wednesday morning. Darn holiday on Monday has thrown things off. Wish me luck!!!

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