Wednesday, August 28, 2013

These Photos are for Fun

A. Daily goal
1. Read two other blog posts a day. I think so.    
2. Read in at least one of the three books I am reading.  No, I don’t think so.   
B. Weekly goal
1. Do research on my novel. Noooo . . . .    
2. Start research for my next novel. Noooo . . . .     
C. Goals for the Round
1. Have finished reading five books. This week has been a blur. I think I am getting close to finishing another book. And of course I started yet one more. I think I am reading five right now. I know, what is wrong with me?   
A. Daily goal
1. Work on something for two hours a day. No, probably not.   
a. Write on my novel. No, I am so sorry to say that I didn’t look at my novel all week. I did however do more editing on my devotional. I had promised my publisher I would get it to him this week. I am going to have to get in some late nights to accomplish that.  
b. Write my blog posts. Yes, on schedule.
c. Work on paperwork for the nonprofit organization. The daughter set up a organizational meeting for the nonprofit, so that is the next step. .   
B. Goals for the Round
1. Have finished my novel.  Hey, I still have a few weeks, right?    
2. Have finished all of the paperwork for the nonprofit. There’s no chance.

A. Weekly goal
1. Comment on two other blog posts. I did this.   
2. Research markets for an hour.  I found a few markets on line to submit short pieces to; now I have to submit!    
3. Keep up on social media, spending not more than a few hours a week on it. I seem to have wasted more time this week, so maybe I am wasting it here. I don’t know where to fit this in, but in July one of my best friend’s from high school lost her dad, so I spent time then catching up with her on line. Last week, believe it or not, the father of another good friend from high school passed away, so I have been getting in touch with her. And lastly, totally out of the blue, yet another friend from high school found me on Facebook, so we have been sending long rambling messages. I have got to get my focus back, but without people in our lives, what is it all worth?    
B. Goals for the Round
1. Have submitted three pieces somewhere. I have submitted two things so far this round. A group of three pictures to a calendar contest, and last week a short piece of creative nonfiction to “Midwest Prairie Review”. As a side note, I submitted a devotion to an online magazine last September. I got an email today that they will not be publishing my piece. Really? After eleven months? I know it can take that long, but I generally write you off after six months. Life is just too short.   
2. Book signing at a local library. I had a wonderful time with Ann on Saturday finalizing our plans for this event. I have started publicizing it. I hope we have a good turnout.
3. Have survived my speaking engagements at two writers’ conferences. DONE
4. Set up an author website. I have started this, it just seems more time-consuming than I had thought it would be.

IV. PERSONAL (goals by the end of the round)
A. Running
1. Have run in the 5K on July 4. DONE.
2. Continue running a few times a week just to improve my time and stay in shape. I am still doing one mile a couple times a week.
B. Family
1. Have settled my mom into better housing.  DONE. She’s in her apartment and the sale of her previous home will be final tomorrow.
2. Have planned that vacation with Hubby in September. Yes, I need to finish up on this.  
C. Nonprofit
1. Have submitted all of the required paperwork. We are still waiting to hear about the Articles of Incorporation, then it is on to the next step.    

A. Tumaini Volunteers, Inc., has become a 401(c)3 nonprofit organization. I’m thinking still a pretty lofty goal, but we will see.

More pictures from our photo shoot on Saturday.  

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  1. Your post this week made me smile as I am also reading five books right now, depending on which one fits into my purse. I hope the library reading went well. And all your goals are met . . . easily in the coming week. Especially that one about realistic goals!