Sunday, August 4, 2013

One thing off my list

This will be another short post. I think that on Sundays, because I try to get so much done on the weekends, I will just jot down a quick update and give you the full blown list of goals and accomplishments on Wednesdays.

Yesterday, I did mark a biggy off of my to-do list. I spoke at Country Memories Farm Writers Conference. I shared all the steps it took to get my memoir from randomness in my computer to an actual published book. I had an hour and a half to speak and in practice, came in at just an hour. I hadn't anticipated so many questions. But I think that questions are good; it means that they were interested in my topic and engaged in what I had to say. Whenever I saw someone taking notes, I wanted to say, "knock it off, nothing I say is important enough to write notes about." But it was a good feeling. I did OK.

Me and my book display
Me talking with my eyes closed. My eyes were closed, I think in all the pictures that my friend Debby Erdmann took. The poor girl didn't have a chance at getting a good picture.

My class. Aren't they pretty people?
This guy wanted to join us but general consensus was no. 


  1. Congratulations! It's great that you got to speak at the conference. And your class was full of wise people who knew that you have things to say that are important enough to write down. Way to go!

    1. Thanks, Kim. I get to do it again in two weeks!

  2. Congratulations on the talk. Preparing to stand up in front of people and speak for an hour is no small accomplishment. I'm in awe.

    I'm so glad it went well and all the best for the next talk in a fortnight.

    1. I am incredibly shy and have difficulty carrying on a conversation in a small group of people. I never once in 16 years of schooling (including three years of college) raised my hand to speak in class. But if I have a prepared presentation, I can get up in front of a group no matter how large, and talk. I even gave a speech at my high school graduation and wasn't that nervous about it. Weird,huh? That would be me