Sunday, August 18, 2013

Short and Sweet. And Speedy.

Yesterday was my brother's annual picnic for the family. I can't remember how many people were there (maybe 17 adults and I have no idea how many little ones). Which only means that yesterday should have been a wasted writing day, but after I took a morning run, I actually worked on my novel for a while. Then I worked on the website I am trying to create. Last night I finished reading the novel I was plowing through. It's no wonder I am exhausted all the time. I even worked on the nonprofit for a few hours yesterday. I definitely need to start sleeping in on the weekends. What is wrong with me?

Sometime yesterday my husband even asked me if I was on speed. I gave him a blank look and went back to whatever I was doing.

Anyway, in just a few hours, I leave for the writers conference in Green Lake. I love it down there. And am even more excited that on Monday I am speaking about my publishing journey.

Even though I can't attend the conference for the entire week, I am hoping that the two days that I am there will rejuvenate me. Get back my focus. Inspire me.
How can a person not be inspired by a place like this? 


  1. I usually go into the weekends understanding that they are not big writing days for me. I try to switch hats and do stuff for my website/newsletter instead of trying to get words down. Or I work on my back-up project.

    Enjoy the conference. Sending rejuvenating and inspirational vibes your way.

    1. I'm not good at sleeping in on weekends. If I sleep much past 9, I feel grumpy for wasting half my day.

      Enjoy the conference! Sounds like it should be a great experience, despite the limited time you're there.

    2. Thanks for the comment,Emily. Sleeping in for me is 7 am! The dog gets up at 5 seven days a week, and most days it is just not worth trying to go back to sleep.