Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I Declare this Round a Success

 I can't believe it I did it! Made it through this Round with more yellow than purple.  I think I would have to deem this Round a success. 

A. Daily goal
1. Read two other blog posts a day. YES       
2. Read in at least one of the five books I am reading.  YES   
B. Weekly goal
1. Do research on my novel.  No    
2. Start research for my next novel.  No
C. Goals for the Round
1. Have finished reading five books. YES. Ok, I finished reading, “His Grace is Sufficient”, “The Witness”, “Jesus’ Feet”, and “All That You Can’t Leave Behind”. I have also been on the road a lot the last two months, so have finished listening to “Odd Thomas” and “Forever Odd”. So I got this one.  
A. Daily goal
1. Work on something for two hours a day. YES  
a. Work on “The Christmas Story in 40 Days”, which is the book my publisher has accepted and we are shooting to have available 40 days before Christmas, if I don’t have a nervous breakdown first. YES
a. Write on my novel. No   
b. Write my blog posts. YES
c. Work on paperwork for the nonprofit organization. YES     
B. Goals for the Round
1. Have finished my novel. No
2. Have finished all of the paperwork for the nonprofit. No

A. Weekly goal
1. Comment on two other blog posts. YES
2. Research markets for an hour.  No
3. Keep up on social media, spending not more than a few hours a week on it. YES
B. Goals for the Round
1. Have submitted three pieces somewhere. YES  
2. Book signing at a local library. YES
3. Have survived my speaking engagements at two writers’ conferences. YES
4. Set up an author website. YES

IV. PERSONAL (goals by the end of the round)
A. Running
1. Have run in the 5K on July 4. YES  
2. Continue running a few times a week just to improve my time and stay in shape. YES
B. Family
1. Have settled my mom into better housing.  YES.
2. Have planned that vacation with Hubby in September. YES. Finally made those reservations last night.  
C. Nonprofit
1. Have submitted all of the required paperwork. No, just some of the paperwork.

A. Tumaini Volunteers, Inc., has become a 401(c)3 nonprofit organization.
B. Have my second book published.


  1. I' think I'd have to agree, this is a successful round! Well done. X

  2. Yay for yellow! See you next round.

  3. Wow, a whole lot of YES. Love it. Congrats on a great Round 3. Hope to see you in Round 4.