Sunday, April 13, 2014

Being Lackadaisical

Accept my apologies for not posting yet this Round and for not coming up with concrete goals yet. We were on vacation in Missiouri all week last week, and I really took a vacation from everything! I checked Facebook and email every day, but other than that, I was on an internet fast. A writing fast as well.

But here I am back in reality and just not feeling the motivation. The next three weeks my schedule is jammed; I won’t even go into it. I will only say that I am not making any goals at this stage. I will get back on track as far as blogging on a regular basis. I also plan to finish writing my novel. Other than that, I am not going to do much.

There. I said it. Looking at the calendar- well, let’s not look at the calendar. I am not free until mid-May, and by then the weather had better finally be nice and I will have a garden to plant. Think I can take the whole summer off? 

(In fact, I am so lackadaisical that I am not even going to stress over why that first paragraph is being dumb.)

(Where I spent my spring vacation. No wonder I don't want to work anymore.)

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