Sunday, April 27, 2014

Still Thinking . . .

I still haven’t come up with goals for the Round. Also, I haven’t figured out yet why I can’t get it together. Am I just burned out? Have I hit the wall and just can’t rally any longer? Or have I lapsed into the laziness cycle and can’t get out of it? Do I have Spring fever, or wishful-thinking fever, because looking out my window, Spring has not sprung. (Spring is oozing under the door like a vapor instead of bursting into my world.)

I think that until I figure out what is in my head (and my heart), I am going to try to write up weekly goals only. Goals which I am fairly confident that I can attain. (Number one goal really should be to figure out what is wrong with my line justification.)

That being written, my goals for this week are:
1)      Run two days (I need to work up to this running-thing slowly and the weather forecast is not too promising)
2)      Check the gmail accounts for half of the people I need to. I won’t go into great detail, but I am a member of a state society for which I have set up gmail accounts for certain members. Once a year or so, I need to go into all these accounts and make sure people haven’t messed stuff up, or add more gmail addresses for them, and stuff like that, because a lot of these people are not internet-saavy and it was enough just to teach them how to access their accounts and send out emails.
3)      Send out belated Easter cards to my college kids from church
4)      Post three times to my other blog
5)      Revise, finalize and distribute the Friend-raiser flyer for Tumaini Volunteers

Now, look at that list. Does this look like I am cutting back? Arrgh!!!

In the meantime, here is a picture of some of the gals I was with this weekend at the convention I was at for the society mentioned in #2 above.


  1. One good test for burnout would be if watching a new show or trying a new exerience inspires you to write notes about it (or your feelings about it) "for use later". If you find new things still catch your interest, but you can't seem see a way they could work in something later... you're probably burnt out.

    Just curious, do you write your posts in Word (or other word processor) first and then transpose them to your blog, Chris? If so, you may need to fix those little triangles on your ruler-bar for your tabs. Flush them all to the left, then move out the top one as your "tab" for new documents. Make sure both triangles and the little rectangle under them are all flush before moving the top one.

    If you're writing the post in your blog... Hmm, that's more interesting. Do you use the HTML tab at all? If so, check to see that your paragraph tag <p> has nothing else beyond the "p" in it.

    (in case that shows up as giberish, as I don't use blogger enough to know their HTML limitations, that < should be equivalent to a < sign )

    1. Eden, thanks for the comments and the suggestions. I still want to write about everything I see and everything I see gives me ideas, so I am sure that I will snap out of this funk at some point.

      The problem with my line justification is a problem with Microsoft Word. The problem simply is that Microsoft Word is retarded and some days it just isn't worth the effort to swim against the current.