Sunday, May 11, 2014

I'm Back!

I’ve come to the realization that if I don’t have a running list of goals, I don’t do anything. I pretty much took the entire month of April off and here it is already half-way through May and I still haven’t gotten myself back on track. We hosted my mother-in-law’s surprise birthday party this weekend, so I have been cutting myself some slack until that was over. Now, even though my schedule is as busy as ever, I don’t have a single big thing to be concerned with. It is time to plow forward.

Here we go, keeping in my mind that goal of June 26, the end of this Round and just over six weeks away.

·         My reading has really gotten ridiculous. I am currently reading five books, and making no headway on any of them. My reading goal is going to be simple: finish reading “Sell Your Book Like Wildfire”, “The Deer on a Bicycle”, “Deception: A Deaf Girl’s Journey”, and “Decoding Daniel”. In my defense, one book, “Decoding Daniel” is for my Bible Study group, so I have to go with the flow on progress there. But guess what? We are on track to finish it up this Tuesday. Oh, yeah! See how those goals just get fulfilled.
·         Finish my novel. Of course, this will be a reach, but I have six weeks and about six chapters left. This is what I will concentrate on the most.
·         I will try to get back on track with my blogging, twice a week here and three times a week on my other blog.
·         A previous goal was to submit three pieces each Round. Believe it or not, somehow or other, with my nuts-schedule and lazy attitude, I have submitted something this Round already. I know, ridiculous. Anyway, so I will submit two more pieces by June 26.
·         My daughter and I are still working on our nonprofit, Tumaini Volunteers. We are planning a “friend-raiser” for June 1. That is my goal with the nonprofit this month: help with and attend the “friend-raiser”. (In case you wonder what that is, I hope to write about it for my other blog this week; I’ll link you in next time I post here.)
·         That running thing. Of all the things on my list of goals for the entire year, I think I am deleting running in another 5K. I am still running, when I have time and it is not raining, but I think I am taking the competitive edge off the table. Take away some stress.
·         Sewing. Here’s a funny one. My bachelor brother came and rototilled my garden last week. When I asked him what I owed him (which we all know has never been and never will be monetary), he pulls a pair of pants out of his truck. “Can you hem these for me?” So it begins. Now that Mom can’t do these things for him, it falls to me. That’s ok. It gives me a goal, though not a creative one. 

And that is it for now. Wish me luck and enjoy the pictures from our picnic.
 The hubby grilling up the burgers and brats, while the grand-puppy waits for a handout.
 My living room, all ready for my guests, except....
 it was so nice outside that I couldn't keep them in the house. Good thing, coz we had a total of 48 people here, I don't have that much room inside. I'm so thankful for my beautiful yard and a hubby who worked tirelessly, through rain and snow, to get the yard ready. 

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