Sunday, May 25, 2014

Need any rocks?

Spring is finally here! It has been in the 70s the last few days with abundant sunshine. My grass is green and my flowers are starting to bloom. I’ve been working feverishly to dismantle the old fire pit on the edge of my woods. There must be 1000 pounds of rocks in there, their sizes ranging from toaster oven size to fist size. Once that spot is clear, I’ll plant some grass and hopefully have an extended oasis in my yard. What I am going to do with all of the rocks remains unclear, but I will figure it out.

·         My reading goal is to finish four of the books that I started reading a while back. I have finished two books, am 80% through “Deception” and almost three-quarters of the way through “Sell Your Book Like Wildfire.” I think my goal here should be to not start reading any more books until I finish the ones I am on. 
·         Finish my novel.  I wrote a chapter and a half this week.
·         I will get back on track with my blogging, twice a week here and three times a week on my other blog. Yes, I have blogged on schedule. I also started blogging about walking the streets of my hometown. Read about that here.
·         Submit three pieces each Round.  Still at one submission, but I found a magazine to send a story about my sister to. I will do a final edit of the piece in the next day or two and send it out by Tuesday.  
·         My daughter and I are still working on our nonprofit, Tumaini Volunteers. We are planning a “friend-raiser” for June 1. That is my goal with the nonprofit this month: help with and attend the “friend-raiser”.  Been promoting the friend-raiser, also working on getting together what we need for food and beverages. Today is the third weekend in a row where we have had beautiful weather, I am fearful that we will have rain next Sunday but then we just need a contingency plan.  
·         Continue running or at least walking when I can, but not sure about running a 5K this year. Ran/walked four times this week. Plan on going around the lake – which is just three miles – as soon as I post this.
·         Yard. As mentioned above I am working on a spot in my yard, also have planted most of the garden. I promise to post pictures soon.  
I am so disappointed in myself that I didn't take a before picture. 
Just one more stupid regret of mine. 


  1. Looks like you're making good progress!

    1. Thanks, Erin, slow but sure finishes the race!

  2. Try not to regret things, Chris. I've found it grinds the soul like cornmeal. It sounds like you are making great progress, although I must agree with the "not starting another book until one is finished." I've had to invoke that one myself many times. Here's ato a great, productive week!

    1. Thanks, Elizabeth. I have finished another book, so I went and started reading two more!

  3. Do not start another book until those you are reading are finished.... oh, boy, do I need to set that as a goal. :-D

    An idea for the rocks... Make some raised bed flower gardens. Plant hens & chicks along the edge where they'll fall over the rocks, or some creeping thyme... something that will cascade down the rocks while a focal piece (a small fruit tree... some of the super dwarfs produce amazingly well and stay small and pretty).

    Another idea is a berm at the edge of your property near the road. It'll protect your lawn (and house) from crud thrown off cars, etc.

    You're making incredible strides, Chris, both in writing and creating (and good health building).

    1. Thanks for the rock ideas. I have lots more ideas too, it is just a matter of getting out there. And now the mosquitoes have hatched, so yard work of any kind has become a battle against the blood-suckers.