Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Did I ever tell you about my co-worker with an aptitude for spelling things wrong? When she did something which was above and beyond, she once said “I am such an OE.”
We asked, “OE?”
“Yeah,” she answered, “OE for overachiever.”
“Shouldn’t that be OA?”
She laughed, “Oops.”
Maybe you had to be there. But I am feeling like an overachiever this week.

·         My reading goal is to finish four of the books that I started reading a while back. I have finished two books, am halfway through “Deception” and two-thirds of the way through “Sell Your Book Like Wildfire.”  
·         Finish my novel.  Yes, I wrote a chapter last night!
·         I will get back on track with my blogging, twice a week here and three times a week on my other blog. Yes, I have blogged on schedule.
·         Submit three pieces each Round.  Still at one submission, but I will get there.
·         My daughter and I are still working on our nonprofit, Tumaini Volunteers. We are planning a “friend-raiser” for June 1. That is my goal with the nonprofit this month: help with and attend the “friend-raiser”.  Had our planning meeting Sunday afternoon. I have been promoting it to my circles.
·         Continue running or at least walking when I can, but not sure about running a 5K this year. Ran twice this week, once for three miles and once for one mile, ok, and I really mostly walked, but walking is truly better for you.
·         Sewing.  Haven’t worked any more on my top, but I have the weekend.
·         Yard. I tilled my garden some more and raked it. All ready for planting this weekend. Also worked on our new garden spot. The spot with Giovanni, our new addition. Going to make this spot just for him.


  1. Congratulations, overachiever! Reading, writing, family, yardwork, perhaps even sewing? Wonderful progress. And the yard looks like an oasis of peace. Walk on! Write on!

    1. Thanks, Beth, may you have the same progress on your own works.

  2. Congrats on being an overachiever! I hope the rest of the week goes as smoothly. :)

  3. It takes a lot to be an over achiever: heart, soul, strength, courage as well as willpower and good old effort. So kudos, Chris. Yu'll be able to rest enjoying the benefits of your efforts soon enough... which is a lot nicer than scrambling to catch up the way I seem to do more than I'd like. :-/