Saturday, June 13, 2015

another long story

It’s kind of a long story, but I will cut out what I can. 

I doddle at work and since I bought a set of colored pens, I have found doddling so much more fun. This week I found some graph paper, which totally put my doddling on steroids. I told some of my co-workers that the patterns I was coloring on the graph were quilt patterns. The wrong co-worker heard that. She is a quilter. So she wrote down how to turn my first pattern into a quilt, right down to how much material I would need. I love to sew, I want to sew a quilt, I do not have time, my husband will divorce me if I buy more fabric, I have to make do with the six totes of fabric I already have. Game on. 

So needless to say the entire day Friday, my precious day off from the day job, I was occupied with something other than writing. This new preoccupation of course included periodic pictures sent to a co-worker’s cell phone. Like I said, it was game on and I do not take losing lightly, as you know if you have read my laments regarding the end of my running career. 

With all this creativity in a different medium, how did my week end up?

•          Post to this blog twice, post to my other blog three times. DONE
•          Read eight blog posts, commenting on four of them. DONE. Read 8 blogs and posted to five of them! I also signed up to be a sponsor for the next round of ROW80.
•          Write four entries in “Early Ministry”. DONE!!!
•          Promote my writing on social media two times. DONE. Actually maybe more like four times.
•          Promote our nonprofit on social media two times. DONE
·         Begin work on the new novel
o   1) write bios for four of the main characters. Wrote three bios.
o   2) start researching the time period (mid-1970s), the place (northeast Wisconsin), the culture (Menominee Indians). Read three articles online and checked a book out of the public library. Pretty stoked, as it has been forever since I checked a book out of the library.

Can’t get too much more green than that, huh? So what can I possibly do next week to top all of that? Next week my work schedule is in disarray, so I might get thrown off. I will try my best though.

•          Post to this blog twice, post to my other blog three times.
•          Read eight blog posts, commenting on four of them.
•          Write five entries in “Early Ministry”. I only have five more entries to write!
•          Promote my writing on social media once a day. That’s a big jump.  
•          Promote our nonprofit on social media three times. Just a little jump.
•          Submit a piece for publication somewhere, because I only have one week left to get this goal done.
•          Continue research on the new novel 1) finish bios for four of the main characters 2) finish reading and taking notes on the book from the library.

Finally, my Goals for the Round:

·         Finish writing “The Early Ministry of Jesus in 40 Days” Have written 35 entries, which leaves five left. I am down to the wire.   
·         Edit seven chapters of “Hope Through God’s Redemption” Have edited the four chapters I have from the author.  
·         Submit four items for publication Have submitted three items.
·         Have worked up to running a full 5K Some of my co-workers are entered in the 5K and plan on walking it, so I am more than welcome to join them.  I think the bursitis in my right hip has settled down enough, but my left Achilles is still killing me, so I just don’t know yet.

I guess it all boils down to this: set your goals and make changes as you go along. Have you been doing that?  


  1. Beautiful quilt! Awesome how your co-worker helped turn your doodles into a pattern!

    All creativity is good. :)

    Awesome work this week!

    1. Thanks, Erin, now I need help from that co-worker putting it together. I wish it was bigger than doll-size but it's a start!

  2. Oh, I love the colours. They are all so vibrant!!

    Glad to hear you had a great week. Here's to another great week in the works!!

    1. Thanks, Cindy. I'm anxious to finish my little quilt and give it to the daughter of one of my friend's, to give to her daughter.