Wednesday, June 10, 2015

are you able to frolic?

Sunday I told you about my latest affliction, a bum hip. My running couch (i.e. the doctor I work with) noticed me limping yesterday. I thought, oh, crap, I really wanted to give this a full week before bugging him.

He said it sounded like bursitis and maybe physical therapy would help. I don’t have time for physical therapy! He knows that. I told him I just wanted a steroid injection. He didn’t answer my question – ok, maybe it wasn’t a question – but his demeanor told me to give it some time.


So I have not started running again. It is true that sometimes I can barely walk. With that in mind, I should be writing like crazy, right? Not so much. 

I blogged on schedule and also am pretty close to goal on reading and commenting on other people’s blogs. I also signed up to be a sponsor for the next round of ROW80. I wrote one entry in my next devotional and have started research on my next novel. I also started biographies on three of the four main characters in it.

Once again, I feel pretty useless each check-in, until I write down what I got done. I haven’t done too bad again this week. Cruising into the weekend, I am sure to get all those goals checked off once again.

How have you been doing on your goals? Checking them all off, or getting sidelined? Doing so well that you are able to frolic?
Just wish I could get out and frolic.


  1. Chris, you DO frolic so well.I remember walking into my doctor's office, asking for a shot because I had lost my voice and needed to work. Maybe there's a balance between the tenacity that we need to achieve our goals (becoming?) and leaving room for simply being -- that breath between that allows us to cherish each day, the running, the sitting, even the acceptance of limits. And week after week, you do accomplish so much that is good. I can say this as I'm mired down in that proverbial ugly, ugly first draft. Congrats on signing up to be a sponsor next round. I'll be on the road 6-8 weeks with chancy internet, so I can't join you this coming round. Next round? Make it a good week in all ways.

    1. Thanks, Beth. Sometimes I do only frolic in my mind, but I believe that counts! Best wishes while you are on the road and hope to see you back on ROW80 soon.

  2. Some weeks are better than others, but as you noticed, your progress will often sneak up on you.

    Hope your hip starts to feel better!

    1. Thanks, Cindy. I talked to the physical therapist yesterday and got some exercises. Hopefully it helps. Will keep everyone posted.