Wednesday, September 16, 2015

and that's how the day job goes

I have had a bad week at work so far. I get tired of feeling like I am the only one working, and I know that is just my perception. Certainly my co-workers are working just as hard, but more efficiently, and that’s why they have the time to sit around and visit and laugh, while I am inefficiently getting further behind on my work. Ok, so I work in a medical clinic, for a physician who averages at least 20 patients a day. Several of my co-workers work with providers who average 8 to 12 patients a day. So, they do as much work as I do, right? There’s certainly no reason why they shouldn’t get to sit around and tell jokes and be on Facebook, while I am still trying to catch up on my 20 plus patients. Or maybe I am just slower than they are. Which is why, when I complained to my manager and showed her a pile of papers that no one else took care of, she addressed the pile instead of asking the rest of the staff to do it – which is their job and not hers. Like I said, it’s been a bad week at the day job.

Did I do any work on my goals?

I’ve kept up on my ROW80 sponsor duties and have blogged here and on my other blog. I didn’t edit anything on my novel and I haven’t read too much of “Shantaram”. I haven’t visited anyone’s chickens, but I did order two books on raising chickens. I don’t remember doing anything with social media. I did get another $110 in donations for my trip to Kenya. I also have not worked out or walked on the treadmill. My Achilles is finally feeling somewhat better, but I woke up Monday morning with bursitis in my hip again. Can you believe it??

So I guess the only productive area has been in getting mentors for my church’s college kids. Of 14 kids, I have addresses for eight of them and have nine of them matched up with mentors. I even managed to talk my son into taking one of the boys, just because he lives near where the boy is going to school, and maybe that will be a bonding thing. Plus I think they have a lot in common. Not that I have a hidden agenda, but it would be good for my son to get involved in stuff outside of his work (which even though he is an engineer, it’s interesting that his complaints about work parallel mine).

And that’s all I got. I haven’t gotten much sleep the last four or five days, so since I am writing this Tuesday night to post in the morning, I think I need to get to bed.

Are you crossing all your goals for the Round off of your list?  
Why I do what I do - coz when these kids go off to college, I don't want them to lose their way. 


  1. My list is hit or miss. You do have a lot on your plate. Just keep chipping away at it. The kids are adorable.

    1. Thanks, CK, but I am definitely thinking that an extended break is in order. Best wishes on your own goals.